This can be a danger for those who use mobile phones in the toilet.

This can be a danger for those who use mobile phones in the toilet.

Nowadays, people are not able to think without a mobile. Even sitting a few minutes away can be frustrating. Whenever you sleep, wake up, eat, walk, the crowd is growing on this mobile.

Even though there is no mobile phone in the toilet. Many are addicted to it. Even though they know not to use mobile phones in the toilet, they become ignorant at that time. Many people spend a lot of time in the toilet chatting, playing games, watching videos, and other activities.

Therefore, it takes more time to go to the toilet with mobile than usual. In fact, the toilet is one of the most bacterial sites. If there is a common toilet that is used by more people, the rate of bacteria is higher.

Bacterial particles are spreading in the toilet water and air. Phone covers and cases are usually made of rubber, which provides a warm and comfortable place for bacteria.

Bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, Shigella, and Campylobacter are active in the toilet, which has been confirmed by medical science to be very unfavorable to human health.

Also, when you flush or flush the toilet, the urine and feces come up to a few feet and mix with the air. Which causes infection. The more you flush, the more germs spread in the air.

When we carry a mobile phone to the toilet, such bacteria attach to our mobile phone. You also run the risk of spreading viruses such as gastroenteritis and staph, which are easily transmitted from your phone.

We wash our hands when we go out of the toilet, but we don't wash our mobile phones. And we hold the same phone all day with our hands, we eat with our hands.

When this happens, the bacteria that come out of there reach our stomach. Therefore, doctors advise to give up the habit of taking mobiles to the toilet, even more, public toilets.

Mobile is not only for your convenience, it can also be a companion for disease transmission. Take precautions at the right time and get rid of bad habits today.

If you can't sit in the toilet without a phone, clean the phone frequently with 'Spirit'. Besides, it is better to disinfect your phone regularly. The careful spray can be used even on the touchscreen.

Similarly, it is better to use your phone only after washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water after coming out of the toilet. It is better to give up the habit of touching other people's mobile phones.

Research has shown that our phone screens contain the most germs, including bacteria and yeast. Therefore, even feces should be made a habit of regular cleaning.