Delivering goods from door to door using Google Plus code

Delivering goods from door to door using Google Plus code

The Google Plus code will be used in the postal service under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. For that, the Ministry has passed the Working Procedure, 2077 Procedure on the use of Google Plus Code for the distribution of postal goods.

Pradyum Upadhyaya, head of Goshwara Post Office, says that the procedure related to Google Plus Card has been brought to provide quality service in line with information technology. Upadhyaya was transferred from the printing department to the Goshwara post office only two months ago.

Under his leadership, plans have been put forward to make the postal service technology-friendly. According to Upadhyay, the use of Google Plus code has been started accordingly.

He says, "Unorganized urbanization makes it impossible to deliver letters easily to the homes and offices of large settlements, so arrangements are being made to deliver them to the recipient's home or office through Google."

According to him, this will help in moving goods from one place to another. He said that this is an important step for the postal service as the postal service office can distribute the postal service by identifying the exact address of the recipient through electronic means as per the Google Plus code system.

According to the procedure, the goods will be delivered based on the Google code provided by the sender. For this, the postal staff will be able to identify the exact location through the Google Maps app or GPS tracking device on the mobile phone.

According to the Google Plus code, if the person is not found at the place while delivering the goods, the goods should be made available to the concerned office immediately.

To be connected to this service, the public office has to generate its plus code and put the name of the office on the board clearly understood. Under this, it has been mentioned that the Google Plus Card embossed board can be kept visible to the general public and service recipients.

In the case of an individual, it is mentioned in the procedure that the code can be generated by oneself or by the local toll reform committee or local body with the facilitation of the service provider and other public outside the structure.

However, the plus code plate placed in this way should be written in blue and white letters. It has been mentioned that the code should be generated based on the mainstream of the house and office. In the case of rented rooms, they can use the mainstream of the house as the basis.

There is no charge for using this code. It is mentioned that this code system will be extended to other useful public services.