Explosion soon after the landing of Space X's starship rocket

Explosion soon after the landing of Space X's starship rocket

The prototype rocket Starship SN10, launched by Alan Musk's company SpaceX for testing, exploded shortly after landing. The rocket landed and exploded three minutes after takeoff in the skies of South Texas in the United States on Wednesday.

SpaceX's SN10 rocket is the company's initial prototype of the StarShip Mars rocket. The rocket flew up to 6 miles.

Speaking at an event, SpaceX engineer John Insprucker said he was happy that the SN10 had successfully landed on a landing pad for the first time, though he did not know what caused the explosion.

SpaceX has built many such prototypes. The company says it will soon send the SN11 for another test.

Alan Musk's Space X is part of an ambitious plan to establish a human settlement on Mars. The company is working on a variety of prototypes to find the right design for sending people to Mars.

Recently, 143 satellites were launched simultaneously by SpaceX's Falcon Nine rocket. This is the first time that so many satellites have been launched by a single rocket.

SpaceX has launched more than 800 satellites for broadband internet. The company has invested  10 billion in space programs alone.

Alan Musk also plans to send 12 people to the moon in 2023.