Here's how to save your smartphone on Holi

Here's how to save your smartphone on Holi

Today and tomorrow, Holi is being celebrated in different parts of Nepal. Despite the government's request to celebrate Holi at home, people are gathering in various places to paint and splash water.

If you are also playing Holi, be careful not to get infected not only with the coronavirus but also with your mobile phone.

On the day of Holi, many people break their mobile phones. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

So if you want to enjoy this celebration while protecting your mobile, it is good to know the tips to keep your smartphone safe.

1. The best solution is to leave your smartphone at home while celebrating Holi. But most people carry smartphones wherever they go. Instead of a smartphone, you can bring an old or feature phone during Holi.

2. Use a ziplock pouch. You can keep your smartphone safe by buying a zip lock pouch or a plastic bag from the store. This protects the smartphone from water, paint, and dust.

3. Use a waterproof case. Buy a transparent waterproof case from a mobile store. It can be used not only in Holi but also in Aruba. By using it, you can save your mobile from water, you can call, pick up, take photos, and do other things on your mobile while you are playing.

4. Use a water balloon. The body of the mobile can also be temporarily protected by using a water balloon. You can also use a scratch guard or screen protector to protect this mobile screen.

5. If you haven't used other methods, use earphones to pick up the phone.

What to do if soaked in water?

If the phone is soaked in water, now you have to take special care. If the phone is on, turn it off. Do not try to press or turn on any button after closing. Doing so will reduce the risk of short circuits in the phone.

Another important thing is not to forget to connect the charging phone even if it is flooded. There may be a short circuit due to electric flow in the mobile. As a result, the mobile may not be built forever.

If you have an old phone and it has the facility to remove the battery, easily remove the battery, memory card, and SIM card.

If the battery is not removed from the phone, there is a risk of a shirt. Now dry the phone under a fan or through a hairdryer (blower).

Wipe the water and dirt visible on the phone with a cloth or paper napkin. If you do not have a hairdryer, place the phone in the middle of dry rice. But keep in mind that rice nuts can go in through the headphone jack. Leave the phone to dry for at least 24 hours.

This is a useful and easy way to dry a wet phone. Now take the phone out of the rice and turn it on.

If the phone is not turned on, charge it. If the phone still does not open, go to the nearest mobile phone manufacturing center or related service center.