Powerful privacy feature of Android that you forgot to use

Powerful privacy feature of Android that you forgot to use

There are so many useful features in the Android operating system, which we have forgotten to use or left without knowing.

Android is getting stronger and stronger every year with more and more features. This means that new and sophisticated features are being included in the Android operating system.

In such a situation, we are ignoring many old features. One such feature is Android Guest Mode. This feature was released by Android in its 5.0 version in 2014.

Find out today if you have never used guest mode. This switches the phone to the on-demand blank slate state.

Your personal app, account, and data are all securely hidden. It's like incognito mode. It captures your entire phone. All the regular stuff disappears on demand from the phone. But your smartphone is not affected.

Its impact is far-reaching. In fact, the biggest threat to your phone is not any running malware attack. In fact, it is your own negligence.

No matter how many phone security tools you use to protect your phone's privacy, if your phone falls into the wrong hands, it can gain access to sensitive and confidential information.

In this case, the guest mode of Android may be the most suitable and excellent. If you have it on your phone, you can use it at any time.

But before using these features, you need to set up your phone properly. Because in some versions and phones today, such features are disabled by default. If you are a Samsung user you cannot use it.

Samsung has removed it from its software. It takes 20 seconds to get ready on Google's own Pixel phones and other Android devices.

To use it, first open the system section of the phone settings. Now after tapping 'Multiple Users', tap on 'Advance'.

If your phone does not have the same old Android arrangement and the process option as mentioned above does not appear on your phone, you can type 'guest mode' directly in the phone settings. You must have Android version 5.0 or newer for this.

After doing so, Android Guest Mode is ready. Now you can confidently hand over your phone to friends, colleagues, and family members.

How to activate the guest mode

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen twice to open the Flower Quick Settings panel.

2. Now tap the user profile picture (round person icon). This will be with the setting icon at the bottom right of the panel.

3. Now tap on the 'Add Guest' option that appears on the screen.

Your phone notifies you when your phone is switching to guest mode. After a while, you enter the home screen with a generic look, where only your basic system app will be.

If you have opened Gmail, Drive, or Docs, you must sign in first. It makes your phone look like a brand new phone. Then you can't find any old things.

But if you want to exit the guest mode and return to the old state, you have to repeat the above two processes. But at the end, you have to select 'Remove Guest' from the menu. After doing so, your phone will return to its old state.

The 'Guest Mode' and 'Screen Pinning' features are a must-have to keep your phone confidential

 Mobile may no longer be the property of the individual. Because everything connected to the smartphone is connected to the user. Since financial and social and personal information is all on the phone, its security is the most important thing.

That's why when someone asks for a phone, there is no way to give it away. However, sometimes there are situations where you have to let others use your phone. In this case, you may have to delete the message hastily, delete the call log, delete the photo/video.

You can say that the alternative is 'app lock'. Of course, an app lock is an option. However, even more, important features are available on the phone, but some of us may not have used them. That is 'guest mode' or 'second space'.

While most phones have this feature available as a guest mode, some smartphones have this feature as a second space. This is a feature similar to laptops and desktops.

You can do this by going to Mobile Settings and turning on Guest Mode or Second Space in Special Features. Which will create another space inside your mobile.

For that, you can have a separate password as well as a shirt key that suits you to go to the second space.

You can easily give the mobile to another person by clicking on the sort key. Not only that, there is another feature screen pinning for privacy.

To do this, go to Phone Settings and click on 'Security & Location'. After this, open the screen pinning.

You can pin any app on it. In that case, if you give your phone to someone else, that person will only be able to see the app you pinned to the screen.