Using a drone, the hacker opened the door of the running Tesla car

Using a drone, the hacker opened the door of the running Tesla car

Cyber ​​researchers Rafael Philippe and Benedict Smogel have discovered a flaw in Tesla's 'Model X' car. With the help of two drones and a Wi-Fi drone, they managed to open the door of a Tesla car speeding on the road.

They managed to open the door of a Tesla car running on the road through Intel's open-source software Con Man, which manages network connections. They even managed to change the position of the seat from the drone.

According to him, all the things that a driver can do by using the button on the console from the drone, they have found the kind of weakness that can be done from the drone. They discovered this weakness towards the end of 2020.

Since then, Tesla has addressed the issue with a new version of the software update. The company said it would provide them with 31,500 in bug bounty.

Researchers have speculated that the problem, seen in Tesla's car, could be seen in other vehicles as well.

Older phones can now be used as IoT devices

Samsung has released a new update that will allow older Galaxy smartphones to be used as various IoT devices. The company has named it 'Galaxy Upsicling at Home'.

It is seen as a refined version of the company's Galaxy Upcycling program. The company has stated that it will revive the old device under this update. According to the company, this feature is currently available in the beta version.

In the first phase, this feature is only available in South Korea. According to the company, it will be tested in three companies in the first phase and will be expanded to other countries based on the feedback received from there.

According to the company, the new software update will add features such as sound quality and light control to older Galaxy devices.

At the same time, users will be able to decide for themselves how to use the old device through the SmartThings Lab within the SmartThings app.

According to the company, such old Galaxy devices can be used as devices such as child care monitors, stomach care solutions, light sensors.