What Elon Musk said was what led to the fall in the value of cryptocurrency

What Elon Musk said was what led to the fall in the value of cryptocurrency

Electric car company Tesla has canceled plans to buy vehicles from Bitcoin amid concerns over climate change. The company's founder Alan Musk made the announcement in a tweet.

After this tweet, the price of Bitcoin has dropped by 10 percent. In March, Tesla announced it would accept cryptocurrency purchases.

Many environmentalists and investors then opposed Tesla's move. In February, the carmaker said it had bought 1.5 billion worth of digital currency.

But on Thursday, the company reversed its decision. "We are concerned about the growing biofuel consumption for the bitcoin business and bitcoin mining," wrote Alan Musk.

We are particularly concerned about the use of coal, which emits the most carbon. The idea of ​​cryptocurrency is very good. But it doesn't have to pay a heavy environmental cost. '

Musk has also made it clear that the company will not sell the bitcoins it has bought. But when sustainable energy is used for mining, Tesla will use the currency.

According to market analysts, Tesla has taken this step keeping in mind the concerns of its investors. Because the company's investors are very focused on climate change.

"Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues are now a major issue for many investors," said Julia Lee, head of Burman Invest. As a clean energy-focused company, Tesla wants to do better in the environment. ”

However, she says, "Criticism of Alan Musk may further affect the cryptocurrency market. As he has done many times before. ”

Analysis by the BBC's technology correspondent Rory Callen Jones

When it comes to technology and the environment, Alan Musk has little or no knowledge of it. When I interviewed him in 2016, he was so enthusiastic about Tesla's intentions that he wanted to make transportation based on sustainable energy. So that the risk of climate change is reduced.

In this case, it is only a matter of time before he realizes that he is not in the best interests of the Bitcoin environment. The University of Cambridge Alternative Finance Center has released an index of how much electricity is consumed in Bitcoin.

This explains how much computer power is consumed in bitcoin mining. This network is more than the annual power used in Malaysia or Sweden. Proponents of Bitcoin say the power comes from renewable energy.

But the fact is that most cryptocurrency companies are in China. Where the main source of energy is coal. When Musk announced Bitcoin in February, it caused a huge jump in the price of Bitcoin. But now with the latest decision, the price of Bitcoin has come down.

Last month, Tesla posted a first-quarter profit of рео 438 million. That was 16 million more than last year. The main reason behind this was Bitcoin and environmental credit.

Musk is one of Bitcoin's most high-profile supporters. He has tweeted many times about Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Musk's tweet made Dogecoin the world's fourth-largest cryptocurrency.

Therefore, Bitcoin is dangerous for the environment

The miners have created Bitcoin with the help of a very powerful computer. So that complex mathematical puzzles can be solved.

It is a process that consumes a lot of electricity and this electricity is generated from biofuels, especially coal. Research has shown that 75 percent of the world's bitcoin miners are in China.

Cheap biofuels are used in China. Where people are less attracted to expensive renewable energy.

Elon Musk announces not to accept Bitcoin

Tesla founder Alan Musk has ruled out the use of Bitcoin. Stating that the use of fossil fuels in the mining of cryptocurrency has increased, he said that he will no longer accept Bitcoin.

At the same time, Tesla has completely banned customers from trading Bitcoin while selling its vehicles.

Musk said Tesla would no longer sell any bitcoins and would close the business until bitcoin mining was done with renewable energy.

He says he trades less than one percent with Bitcoin and only trades with cryptocurrencies that use renewable energy.

Musk said last March that Tesla customers would only be able to buy electric vehicles using Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin, which has been rising steadily since then, has fallen 17 percent since Musk's last tweet.

Despite a slight improvement in Asian trading, it stood at 50,933 on Thursday morning.

New cryptocurrency going public with Facebook's involvement

Facebook has announced the launch of US Stable Coin on Wednesday as part of its digital payment project DIM.

Stable coins are also a form of cryptocurrency, the value of which remains the same as the currency issued by the government. The US dollar stable coin will be issued by California-based Silvergate Bank, which will also manage the dive USD reserve.

Initially, Diam was known as Libra. The currency, which went public in mid-2019, has yet to attract much attention.

The partners have left the agreement and the details of the plan have also changed. The plan was criticized by US lawmakers.

But Facebook has shown a determination to continue its crypto project.

Meanwhile, the Diam Association has announced that it will move its main operator from Switzerland to the United States. The company has also announced that it will withdraw the application submitted to the Swiss Financial Markets Authority for a payment system license.

Why does Facebook want cryptocurrency?

In fact, it is not Facebook's cryptocurrency. This is a project of the Diam Association. But Diem's ​​initial name was Libra Association and Facebook was also co-founded.

The association, which serves as the monetary administration of cryptocurrencies, said its main objective was to allow 1.7 billion people to use money without bank accounts.

However, Facebook also had its own interest in digital currency. He had been operating a virtual currency called 'Credits' for about four years. So that you can pay for the games played on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg also said that the method of sending money online should be as easy as sending a photo to the inbox. That's why Facebook designed Diam, even though it played the role of co-founder.

So that people can pay money online cheaply and easily and Facebook can attract other new users to its network.

Zuckerberg understands that Facebook could benefit from more ads if people could easily use cryptocurrencies.

Facebook also has another plan for this cryptocurrency. A new subsidiary that will hold and use wallets to hold digital currency. Which was named 'Calibra'.

Does Facebook have direct control over Diam?

As a member of the Facebook Dive Association, he has no direct control over it.


Didn't you fall prey to Deepfake video somewhere?

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about deepfake videos. The use of Deepfake technology has been widely used around the world to mislead people.

Today we are telling you about a video format that spreads fake information. There is a lot of fake content on the internet these days.

It is very difficult to find. Which message or video is true or which is not a lie. This is the latest version of the Shilishila Deepfake Video.

In this new format, fake faces of leaders and celebrities are created and false and misleading information is spread. In fact, such deepfake videos are made with the help of new technology.

It is difficult to tell whether it is real or fake. The audio along with the video is designed to match the real person.

On what basis do you recognize a scene seen in a video or picture as true or distorted? How can you live without believing these things when your voice, voice, and face are all the same?

Algorithms and machine learning developed with AI technology have become so sophisticated. Therefore, there is no environment in which you can believe everything you see and hear at once.

Therefore, the risk of many unpleasant incidents due to deepfake video has increased. One of the dangers of deepfake video is that it uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology.

Deepfake technology, developed by a combination of machine learning and AI, can confuse you with the difference between real and fake content. This technique matches the face of any celebrity or person on your face.

Technology also incorporates facial expressions into other facets, leaving the individual confused as to what is right and what is wrong. With the help of Deepfake technology, the user can extract anything from the mouth of any person he wants.

You can immerse yourself in any movie scene you like. No one can tell the difference between what is real and what is made. The most deadly form of this was when the faces of celebrities were used in pornographic video content using deepfake technology.

Some time ago, pictures of more than one lakh women posted on social media including Facebook and other online platforms were made public using DipFac technology.

These underground groups were using technology to strip naked. Also, pictures of some minors were made public.

In addition, the practice of using various expressions as fake news using the voices of various high-ranking and decisive people has increased. Incidents of large-scale banking fraud have been registered by copying the voice of individuals using artificial neural networks and machine learning.

The British television channel Channel Four was embroiled in controversy last Christmas after a fake video of Queen Elizabeth's Deepfake was aired.

The five-minute video shows an alternate version of Queen Elizabeth, in which she reviews the year 2020. Serious family issues, such as the Duke of York's involvement, were discussed with Jeffrey Epstein, a financial officer who has been dissatisfied with the epidemic since Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Merkel left the palace.

In fact, deepfake technology can clone and copy the voice of a public figure. Some time ago, the head of a British subsidiary of a German energy firm paid 200,000 euros to a Hungarian bank. In the incident, someone cloned the German CEO's voice from Deepfake technology and called the company to ask for money.

The company later said that the incident was caused by Deepfake but could not prove it. At a time when fake news and cyber hacking are affecting the election campaigns of big countries, analysts have warned that the misuse of deep fake technology could endanger democracy.

It cannot be said that such technologies created for the purpose of entertainment will not be misused in the long run to create a dangerous situation. Moreover, in a country like Nepal where digital literacy is lacking, such technology seems to bring huge problems.

If such technology is misused, it will harm democracy and the normal social life of the people. If we want to encourage new exploration and discovery, we need to stop the damage.

Giorgio Patrini, director of the Dutch cybersecurity company Deptres, says researchers need to develop technology that separates real and fake content from deepfake technology.

With the help of computers, fake videos can be shown as very real. For this, many photos of a person are provided to the computer-based machine.

By combining all those photos, the machine creates a separate virtual face. Which can be used in any video or photo.

In this, facial expressions, eye movements, etc. are considered to be in perfect harmony. Therefore, the video and photo prepared in this way look very accurate.

So far, many deepfake videos have gone viral on social media. People are sharing such videos thinking they are real.

Controversial statements are made in such videos that people are ready to share their reactions as soon as they see them. So be sure to consider such things before sharing the information you see on social media so that you do not make the mistake of making such content viral.

Problems with laptop heating? Do it yourself

Laptops are being used a lot for study and office work nowadays. Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, many people are doing office work from home.

In this case, the laptop stays on most of the time and the problem of overheating begins to appear. When working for a long time, the laptop is getting hotter and hotter.

However, it is natural to use a little heat when using any electronic device. But in extreme cases, it can be very dangerous.

So today we are giving you some tips to prevent overheating while working on a laptop. Which will definitely help you to get rid of the problem of overheating the laptop.

1. Keep the laptop clean

When working for a long time, the laptop should not get too hot. For this, clean it thoroughly with a clean and soft cloth every two to three days.

Instead, you can even remove laptop debris with a laptop cleaner brush. In addition, for smooth functioning of the laptop, uninstall unnecessary and additional applications.

When the memory of the laptop is full, not only the laptop heats up, but also the problem of slowing down due to load on the processor.

2. Laptop battery

Sometimes the laptop is getting hot due to the battery of the laptop. If the battery of the laptop is not working well, it is kept on charge for a long time or you have to charge the laptop every time.

Prolonged charging can cause the battery to overheat and cause overheating on the laptop. In this case, if the battery of the laptop is bad, do not hesitate to change it.

3. Put the laptop in the right place

If you are in the office, the laptop is always on the desk or computer table. But nowadays people are working from home.

In this case, we are running it by holding it in our arms for some time. But using a laptop like this is the wrong way.

Most laptops take air from the bottom for cooling. When using the laptop in the lap for a long time, the cooling fan does not allow air to circulate well.

So if you are working for a long time, keep the laptop in the right place so that its air ventilation can be maintained properly and the CPU fan can get the required amount of air.

4. Keep the cooling fan clean

Laptops tend to have a cooling fan. This fan needs to run properly while using the laptop.

But while using the cooling fan, the dust starts to get dirty from the soil and cannot run properly. Due to which he is not able to do the required amount of cooling work on the laptop.

So clean the cooling fan from time to time to prevent overheating on the laptop. If the cooling fan is not working properly, repair it.

5. Don't forget to shut down the laptop

If you keep the laptop on day and night, the laptop gets very hot. Don't forget to rest your laptop after work in the afternoon.

If you are taking a long break, put it to sleep mode. Get in the habit of shutting down your laptop while you sleep.