A new look of Microsoft Office for Windows 11 and Windows 10

A new look of Microsoft Office for Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft has recently announced Windows 11. The company has also introduced a new UI design in Microsoft Office apps. These sophisticated Office apps can now be experienced by Windows Insider members (beta testers).

By the end of 2021, office apps with more sophisticated designs will be available to the general user. Office apps with a new user interface design are currently available for Insider running 2108 Build 14301.20004 or later.

Once the app is updated, users can enable new looks from the Megaphone button on top of the Office app. The new Office app can be run on Windows 10 along with Windows 11. Currently, Office Insider will be able to experience both of these versions.

Windows computer at risk of hacking, Microsoft urges an immediate update

Microsoft has asked all Windows users to update their systems. Windows has been asked not to delay the update due to serious security vulnerabilities.

The company has released an emergency security update for Windows to address security vulnerabilities. Failure to update this could result in hacking.

This update seeks to fix the issue related to PrintNightmare security in Windows. The problem was reported by a researcher last week.

According to Microsoft, it needs to be updated as soon as possible. The company had released the security update on July 6. This provides protection of Windows Print Spooler service in CVE-2021-1675 and other remote code execution exploits.

The Windows Print Spooler is called Print Nightmare. Just last week, researchers found a similar flaw in Windows PrintMayer. There is a high risk that hackers can use it to execute remote codes to further their own interests.

This allows hackers to install any program on your computer. In addition, they can create a new account with admin rights. This could lead to a major hacking incident.

As soon as this problem was identified, Microsoft started working towards fixing it immediately. This type of remote code can be executed when Windows's print spooler does not work properly.

If you also use a Windows computer or laptop, don't delay in updating your Windows. How to update? Go to Settings via the Windows Start button on your computer for Windows Update. Now go to Windows Update and install the available updates.

At the same time, 36 states in the United States filed lawsuits against Google

Thirty-six US states have filed antitrust lawsuits against Google's Play Store. They have filed a lawsuit alleging that Google abused its power over the app developer.

This is the fourth case filed against Google by the US government. Google has been accused of charging app developers unnecessarily. The lawsuit is similar to a lawsuit filed against Apple's App Store.

The lawsuit was filed in Northern District Court in California. These include California, Colorado, Iowa, New York, and other states. He said it was unnatural for Google to charge up to 30 percent of the money paid by users for any app.

App developers are also forced to pay the amount as there is no alternative to Google Play Store for Android. The petitioners claim that Google has abused its power.

Trump has filed lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Former United States President Donald Trump has filed lawsuits against technology giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter. He has filed a lawsuit in Miami District Court alleging that he was the victim of censorship by the company.

In the case he has filed, the CEO of the company has been targeted more. Trump has been banned from social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube since last January. He was banned on social media for encouraging violence outside his policy.

Trump has frustrated his predecessor, accusing him of banning social media. He has argued that such censorship should not be allowed on social media.

Meanwhile, after the ban on popular social media, he has recently launched his own social network 'Getter'.

5 main things to know when buying a laptop

 When buying a new laptop, many people have to decide what to buy and how to buy it.

Today we are going to give you some special things to know before buying a laptop to help end that kind of dilemma.

1. What is the purpose of a laptop?

First of all, it is important to be clear about the purpose for which you are buying the laptop. If you are shopping for office work or children's reading, you do not need a very expensive laptop.

It works even with low storage and low power hardware. However, if you have to take it for any other professional use including gaming or editing, the laptop will be a little expensive. In which you have to take a lot of time and storage.

2. How much to spend?

If you have to buy a laptop for office work, online class, you can get a good laptop in the range of 35 to 50 thousand rupees. But it is better not to be stingy about buying a good laptop by spending two / four thousand than the cheapest.

Because devices like laptops are not to be bought in a short period of time, it is wise to buy a laptop with the latest technology.

3. Processor and RAM

When buying a new laptop, make sure that it has at least an i5 tenth generation processor or even the latest processor. If you are talking about RAM, you must have at least four GB of RAM nowadays.

Similarly, it is better to have 250 GB or more storage in the laptop. Don't forget that the better the specification of the laptop, the better the work done by the laptop.

4. Laptop looks

Nowadays, slick laptops have become a kind of fashion. Its size is 14 inches. However, smaller laptops tend to be more expensive and 15.6-inch laptops tend to be cheaper.

The smaller the laptop, the easier it is to move around. In addition, when buying a laptop, you have to take care of its weight. Lately, laptops are lighter while older laptops are a bit heavier.

5. Display

Always buy a laptop with a non-reflective screen. It should have a screen with a resolution of at least 720 pixels. Also, keep in mind how many types of connectivity ports are available on the laptop.

Generally, be careful when buying a laptop that has at least a Type A USB port, a Type C port, a headphone jack, a LAN port, a microSD, and an HDMI port.

Unlucky old iPhone users

 Apple unveiled iOS 15 last month. The company has rolled out the public beta of iOS 15 earlier this week. This new version of iOS has many features to give the user a great experience.

But not all new features will be available to all Apple iPhone users around the world. This means that older models of the iPhone are not compatible with some of the new features. Today we are going to tell you about a feature of iOS that will not be available for older iPhone users.

All-New Weather app

The iPhone's Weather app has some new features and looks, such as animated backgrounds, which the old iPhone can't support.

Live text feature on the camera

One of the coolest features in iOS 15 is to recognize and process image text. Suppose you click on a picture with the name of a restaurant, then when you tap on the letters in the picture, you will get information about that restaurant.

But this feature will only be available on iPhones that have an A12 bionic processor or higher chipset.

A new feature of FaceTime

The biggest change with iOS 15 will be seen in FaceTime. Apple has already shown many of the features that come with its video calling app. Portrait mode is one such example.

Which blurs the background in an intelligent way. But this feature will only be supported by newer models of iPhone.

Walk Steady Feature

IOS 15 also comes with a health and fitness feature. Which is called Walking Steadiness.

But for this feature, algorithms are used to monitor how stable you walk. Which will only be supported by models after the iPhone 8.

Spatial audio feature

Apple is bringing the Spatial Audio feature with iOS 15. Which will make the music experience on AirPod Pro and AirPod Max even more fun. But this feature will only be available on iPhone 7 and later models.