WhatsApp's new features, photos, and videos will be automatically deleted as soon as you see them

WhatsApp's new features, photos, and videos will be automatically deleted as soon as you see them

 Instant messaging app WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for sharing photos and videos for its users. The company has unveiled a beta version of the "View Once" feature for iOS and Android users.

Under this feature, users who receive a photo or video sent by a user will be automatically removed from the chatbox once viewed. This is a feature already available on Instagram.

But on Instagram, users can view photos/videos once and then a second time. On WhatsApp, you will not be able to watch the video once you have watched it again. Snapchat has started this feature on social media.

Even if photos and videos are automatically removed from the chatbox, users will be able to take screenshots and WhatsApp will not send any notifications. This means that WhatsApp has introduced this feature for security, but has not developed any feature to prevent taking screenshots.

The user who sent the photo will know whether the recipient has viewed the photo or not. Last June, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally announced the feature.

This means that other users will be able to use this feature soon. According to Zuckerberg, this feature will also apply to messages. But how much users like this feature remains to be seen.

While this feature may be useful for some users, it may not be as appealing to users who want to back up their chats and shared photos and videos.

Apple warns to leave the UK after paying Rs 8.5 trillion in patent dispute

Apple's lawyers have warned that the company could leave the UK if the situation continues. UK patent holder Optis Cellular Technology has claimed that Apple used its patent on the iPhone for a license fee.

The company has warned that it will file a lawsuit after Apple said it would not pay more than सात 833 billion for the license. Last month, a UK High Court judge ruled that Apple had violated the law by using two Optis patents to connect its devices to cellular networks.

Options allege that Apple used other patents without obtaining a license. Kathleen Fox Murphy, a lawyer for Optis, said: "Apple's smartphones are considered the best in the market. But the reality is that Apple has to pay for using the technology on its phones. '

Optis Cellular Technology's sister companies are Panaptis, Optis Wireless Technology, Unwired Planet, and Unwired Planet International, which sell patents. Last year, a Texas court fined Apple डलर 506 million for violating patents on Pan Optis' Forge LTE technology.

Apple is currently debating in a British court how much it will pay Optis. Just last year, a British court ruled that Apple should pay for patents used around the world.

But Apple has said it may not have to pay a fine if it leaves the UK market. During last year's court hearing, British judge Maidey said Apple could be disappointed with the court's decision, and that it could even decide to leave the UK to avoid fines.

However, he advised the company not to think so. "If Apple cannot commercially accept the court's decision, the company has no choice but to leave the UK," said Marie Demetrio, Apple's lawyer. This means that Apple could block its sales from the UK market.

Google Mitt's Free Unlimited feature is shutting down

If you use Google Meet, Google's video conferencing platform, for free, this is disappointing news for you. Google Mitt will no longer offer unlimited calls for free.

Google has set a 60-minute limit on video conferencing between three or more people. This means that if you sit in a virtual meeting using Google Meet from a free Gmail account, your call will end within an hour.

According to Google, after 55 minutes, a notification will be sent to all participants stating that the call is coming to an end. The company has stated that the host can upgrade his account to extend the duration of the call.

However, Google will continue to provide 24-hour support for free accounts. Internet search giant Google has been offering free video conferencing for 24 hours over the past few months.

Google announced in April 2020 that its Mit service would be free for all users until September 30, 2020. But later this limit was increased till March 31, 2021. Even after that, the company has extended the deadline till June 2021.

However, Google has not yet formally announced a limit on the free conferencing facility for up to 20 hours. But Google, which recently added a workspace to Gmail, may also be planning to introduce a subscription to Google Meet conferencing.

Bringing useful features to Google, now desktop files can be synced directly to Drive

Google is going to bring a new feature for computer users. Google has announced a new feature to sync the desktop directly with Google Drive through its blogpost.

According to the company, all computer users will be able to use the desktop drive next week. Its company will continue to advise to sync until next September. The user will then be able to see the notification.

In which they will be notified to sync files. With the help of a desktop drive, users will be able to access the cloud directly from their Mac or PC. It also mentions freeing up disk space.

Also, your network bandwidth will be saved. According to recent information provided by the company, disk files will be stored in the cloud. So any changes made to you or another device will be automatically updated everywhere.

This will allow you to get the latest version of the file at any time. Drive for desktop is an application for Windows and Mac OS. Which will take the user directly to the file from their desktop.

This will make it easier for the user to access the folder. Users usually feel comfortable accessing files on the desktop. Similarly, users will be able to retrieve files on the drive.

The company says that local files will be synced automatically in the cloud even in the background of the desktop. This will reduce the time it takes to sync files.

Google already has the facility of backup and sync as well as a drive file stream. Which was created for business users. It is now being brought together in a new drive for the desktop.

According to the company, it will also have better and more usable features from both backup-sync and drive pile stream. Users will be able to upload and sync photos and videos to Google Photos and Google Drive.

Also, flash drives and external hard drives can be synced in the cloud. As soon as this feature comes, a notification will come to your Windows computer. In which drive for the desktop will appear.

It is said to take a few minutes to a few hours to sync. This topic will depend on the size of the user's file. Which can be seen in the progress bar. While syncing files, users will be able to perform other tasks on the computer.

When the scan is complete, users will be able to view a summary of their files. Users will also be able to choose how to sync files. You can also choose which folder you want to sync to the drive.


Ncell is also preparing to launch VoLTE now

Private telecom company Ncell Axiata Limited is set to launch an HD voice call (Voice over LTE) service based on Forge LTE technology. Ncell, which is expanding Forge LTE service across the country, will provide HD voice service based on the same.

Government-owned Nepal Telecom, on the other hand, has brought this service into operation from last May 3. About two months after Telecom launched the service, it has been reported that Ncell will also provide HD voice service based on Forge LTE to its customers.

According to company sources, Ncell is currently making necessary preparations for that. According to sources, the company has completed the work of connecting the necessary infrastructure for VoLTE in its BTS tower in Kathmandu Valley.

Similarly, Ncell will provide this service at an early stage in some places outside the Kathmandu Valley. Which may include Pokhara, Biratnagar, Butwal, and some others.

According to sources, the company will provide VoLTE service to its users through the 900 MHz frequency band. Telecom is providing VoLTE service in 1800 and 800 MHz bands.

With the launch of this service, Ncell users will be able to make high-quality video and audio calls. Currently, the device connects to the Forge Internet only when data is running. But, now that Volte has started, mobile will always work on Forge.

Currently, only internet data is used in the 4G service, while 3G and 2G are available for voice calls. But now in VoLTE, voice calls will also be from Forge. This means that even voice calls will now be on the Forge network.