Don't want to see old unpleasant incidents on Facebook? Do it

Don't want to see old unpleasant incidents on Facebook? Do it

Have you noticed that your old photos come in memory on Facebook every day? Some even look at old memories for themselves. But some may think that it would not have been a feature called memory.

Not only on Facebook but also in Google Photos, our old photos are coming into the memory every day, which includes our memorable moments.

When we see such collections, we feel that we are living a very beautiful life. But sometimes the memory stored in this way can include unpleasant events, which you do not want to remember.

Google Photos and Facebook have also made it possible to manage memories for such situations.

How to control memory on Facebook

Within months of Facebook launching the 'On This Day feature, it introduced a system to filter people and dates, which we now call Facebook memory. You can use both a mobile app and a web page to manage memory in your timeline.

Memory control on the web:

Open Facebook in a web browser and click on 'Memories' on the left side of the screen

The 'Hide people' and 'hide date' options appear along with the notification on the left side of the screen.

Facebook’s web app lets you hide specific people from your Memories notifications.

You can go to the notification and click on the option to get notification of such memory only once in a day, only to get the highlight of the memory or not to get any notification.

Similarly, you can make some people's memory disappear by going to Hyde People and some dates by going to Hyde Date.

Memory control in the mobile app:

Open Facebook.

If you use Android, click on the menu icon at the top right of the screen and if you use iOS, click on the menu icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Now click on 'Memories'.

Go to the settings icon on the right side of the screen.

There are options like turning off notifications on the web or appearing only once a day or notifications with limited memory. Click on the option as per your requirement.

Similarly, under 'Hide Memories' below the notification, you can stop the memory according to the person or date by going to the 'People' and 'Date' options.

You’ll find Memories in the menu after tapping the three parallel lines.

Windows 11 going public without Android app support

Microsoft has officially announced that Windows 11 will be available to users from October 5. Android app support is also behind the discussion of Windows 11 this time.

But users still have to wait a while to use this feature. Microsoft has recently issued a notice stating that it will not have the facility of Android app support immediately.

But other facilities will be available from the same day. Windows 11 includes a new UI, a new Start menu, a Snap layout, and sophisticated gaming-related features.

The company is going to bring the feature of Android app support by partnering with Amazon App Star and not with Google. There are many ways to manage and use the Android app, similar to the Windows app. According to the company, your favorite apps can be used locally to install and integrate into the Start menu or taskbar.

Another thing is that not everyone will get access to your favorite apps on Windows 11. The Amazon Store currently offers only 460,000 apps. But Google provides 3 million 60 thousand apps.

The feature that can run Android apps on Windows 11 is being brought in partnership with Amazon's App Store. It is said that popular Android apps like Tiktak will also be listed in the Microsoft Store.

However, users will need to log in to their Amazon account to install the mobile app. Once set up, Android apps run the same as other Windows apps.

What are the new features?

In Windows 11, High Cortana's welcome screen and live tiles have been removed. The most notable change in Windows 11 is its new user interface. Users will get a new and sophisticated experience in this operating system from the very beginning.

Starting with a fresh setup screen, the operating system provides a variety of Windows elements to give each screen a new experience.

Windows 11

In it, you can see the Start menu in the middle of the screen, which is intended to provide a modern experience. Previously, the Start menu appeared on the left side of the screen. The default icons of Windows like Edge, File Explorer along with the Start menu can also be seen in the center of the screen.

This new change makes Windows 11 more familiar to people who use Mac OS or Chrome OS. However, you can change the position of the Start menu, that is, if you want to bring the Start menu to the left.

With fresh startup sound, Windows 11 comes with new sound and alerts. Also, you can find new themes, new wallpapers, and improved dark mode.

Windows 11 also includes updated widgets. Widgets can be brought forward by swiping from the left side of the screen or placed in full screen. It has the option to rearrange or resize the widget according to your preferences. You can easily add or remove widgets.

The 'Maximize' button for a multitasking experience lets you split active screens, a feature Microsoft calls a 'snap layout'.

In addition, Microsoft is improving support for multi-monitors and making it easier for users to work on virtual desktops. You can now use custom wallpapers for easy access to Windows 11 for each of your virtual desktops.

Windows 11 also comes with an improved touch keyboard, which includes Tenor's GIF integration. There are also preloaded virtual keyboards, which can be placed anywhere on the screen.

The system has voice dictation support for the users. It also features voice typing and voice commands to make typing easier.

Microsoft has also expanded performance for Chromium-based browsers. New features have also been introduced for Microsoft Edge, including improved support for accessing multiple tabs. Windows 11 comes with Edge Browser Vertic Tab support.

There is also Auto HDR, DirectX12 Ultimate support for PC gamers. Also included is X-Cloud integration for cloud gaming.

Microsoft's preloaded app store 'Microsoft Store' also features new search capabilities and improved design, which is said to help the app developer gain more access. Microsoft has allowed app developers to put their products in the store without taking any commission.

Microsoft has also released a PC Health Check app, which helps users check if their Windows 10 PC is eligible for upgrades.

Have you made phone calls to others by mistake? Here's how to get rid of it

You may also have the experience of making phone calls to others by pressing the keypad of the smartphone in your pocket. This is called butt dial.

Such a moment can sometimes be very embarrassing. Your balance is also being wasted at such times. Today we will tell you some ways to avoid butt dialing.

Lock the phone

The first way to avoid butt dialing is to lock the phone. Usually, people keep their phone in their bag without unlocking it. Since the screen is not turned off, the phone can be pressed anywhere on the screen and text can be written.

In addition, if you have a password and finger or face scanner on the phone, it will be easier to avoid butt dialing.

Turn off 'Tap to Wake'

Sometimes even when the phone is locked, the butt is dialing. This can be a problem when some settings suddenly unlock the phone in the pocket. In this case, you have to adopt another higher security setting.

Your phone has a tap to wake feature. If it is enabled then the phone can be unlocked without pressing your phone's power button.

To disable the tap to wake in phone settings. After this, the problem of butt call is eliminated.

For this, if you are on iPhone, go to Tap to Wake from Touch with Accessibility from Settings. Appears on the tab to wake screen in iPhone X and newer models.

Similarly, on Android phones, go to the Double Tab to Check phone by displaying the lock screen display from the settings.

If you are a Samsung user, go to Motion and Gestures from the settings with the advanced feature.

Enable the phone to auto-lock quickly

If you have a password on your phone, Tap to Wake will not allow you to do butt dialing on your phone. But if you still forget to lock the phone by pressing the power button, this problem will be where it is.

So if you have a habit of forgetting, always set your phone to auto-lock after a certain time.

To set the Atolak setting on the iPhone, go to Atolak from the settings via Display and Brightness.

If you are an Android user, then from the settings, tap on Display and Brightness, then tap on Auto Lock, then adjust the setting so that the phone is unlocked according to the time you want.

Similarly for Samsung phones go to the lock screen from settings and click on secure lock setting.

Disable Smart Lock

Android phones have many features that unlock the phone. One such feature is that you have to disable the smart lock.

If you are a stock version of Google Android user, go to Smart Lock via Security from Settings. If this is the case with Samsung, go to Smart Lock through the lock screen from the settings.

If all else fails, get ideas from others

If you continue to call but after using all of the above, hide the Contacts app in a folder in front of your home screen. Also, remove a variety of voice assistant tools.

Windows 11, free update feature available from October 5

The Windows 11 update will be available to users from October 5 next month. Microsoft has announced the official launch date with free updates to computers and laptops that support Windows 11.

According to the company, the update will be made available to the users in a systematic manner. This means that the company will not provide updates to all users at once.

Microsoft has stated that the update will be available in the intelligence model. This means that computer and laptop hardware, metrics, device purchase time will be considered as the basis.

According to the company, all devices that support Windows 11 will be able to receive updates by mid-2022. For those who are currently using Windows 10, the information will be available as soon as the update is ready.

Date of birth is now mandatory to run Instagram

 Now Instagram users are required to enter their date of birth. For the safety of its young users, Instagram is going to enforce the rule of keeping the date of birth in the user's account.

Recently, while Instagram was preparing to bring a different version of the app for children under the age of 13, the company has taken the policy of making the date of birth mandatory.

At the same time, the company has asked policymakers not to pressurize them not to implement its new plan, saying social media has failed to protect children.

The company claims to serve users based on age group. Last month alone, accounts for users under the age of 16 were said to be private from the start.

According to the company, the date of birth must be kept when opening a new Instagram account. If you try to start without a date of birth, the user will be asked to enter the date of birth through various pop-up messages.

Similarly, users who already have an account must update their date of birth.