Gold unseen by Nepalis: Bitcoin

Gold unseen by Nepalis: Bitcoin

Bitcoin may sound like a coin of a country. But no, Bitcoin is an Internet-based cryptocurrency invented in 2009.

Bitcoin is an electronic currency made up of complex mathematical problems, in which no central bank or institution has control. However, it can also be called a decentralized electronic property.

How much is Bitcoin?

It may sound strange, but now the market price of a bitcoin is 6.7 million. Its total market capitalization is about one trillion US dollars, which is only about seven times less than the gold market capitalization.

It is surprising that the price of Bitcoin, which is not even one US dollar at a time, is so high.

How is Bitcoin extracted?

Bitcoin can only be extracted after solving a complex problem using a powerful computer, which can be captured and placed in a Bitcoin wallet, a process also known as mining.

Is it possible to buy stock trading anyway?

A total of 21 million bitcoins have been mined up to 18 million so far.

Why is Bitcoin so popular?

The currency of any country is controlled by its central or national bank. The central banks are the institutions that can reduce the number of these currencies.

But Bitcoin is in limited numbers and is popular because it is a decentralized currency (out of control).

It is impossible to hack because blockchain technology is used. That is why it has become popular in terms of security.

Bitcoin in Nepal

So far, the trading of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency in Nepal has been declared illegal by the National Bank and it cannot be said that Bitcoin will not be traded here shortly.

Twitter buys anonymous group chat app 'Sphere'

Twitter has bought Sphere, an app for group chats by hiding your identity. Twitter has not made public how much it bought the app for.

According to various international media reports, 20 people working in the spare app will now also work as Twitter employees.

Thomas Halgar and Nick Alosio have created a spare app. These two young men had already created an app called the popular Samli. The news app was purchased by Yahoo for 30 million.

Recently, Twitter has been expanding its investment. Not long ago, the company tried to buy an audio social media clubhouse.

After a failed attempt to buy a clubhouse, Twitter is adding a clubhouse-like feature to its platform.

Brave brought its own search engine, now removing Google from the default search engine

Privacy-focused Brave Browser has launched its own search engine. Brave Search, which has been publicized as a beta (trial) version for a few months now, will now be the default browser of Brave Browser.

Through its blog post, Brave has informed that Brave Search is the default search engine for new users. Users in the US, UK, and Canada will get Brave Search instead of Google as the default search engine when using Brave Browser.

German users have been using DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in Brave Browser, so Brave Search will now be the default search engine.

Brave has stated in its blog post that it will be changing the default browser in other countries from next month.

Brave Browser has been gaining popularity in recent times, with tools that block third-party ads and users' browsing activity on websites.

For the time being, the company has stated that there will be no advertisement on the Brave search engine. In the future, users will have to pay a certain fee for placing advertisements in it and wanting to use it without looking at the advertisements, the company said. 

Google claims to have blocked 1.6 million phishing emails capturing YouTube accounts

 Google claims to have blocked 1.6 million phishing emails in May 2021 alone.

Google claims to have blocked such phishing emails by seizing YouTube accounts and promoting content related to cryptocurrency scams.

According to Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG), a group of Russian hackers has been conducting large-scale phishing campaigns since 2019.

Google claims that this group of hackers is specifically targeting YouTube.

According to Google, the group is running a live streaming scam instead of capturing a YouTube account and offering free cryptocurrency.

After doing so, they are selling YouTube channels for three to four thousand dollars, depending on the number of subscribers in the YouTube account.

As of May, Google had blocked 1.6 million emails targeted at YouTubers and returned 4,000 accounts captured by hackers to related users, according to Google.

Now you can use the Android app in Windows 11

Now you can use the Android app on Windows 11 as well. Windows 11 users previously had to use other third-party apps to access the Android app.

Microsoft has launched a feature that allows you to use the Android app on Windows 11 Tester. A preview version of the Windows subsystem for Android has been launched for the user.

Testers with Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm processors will be able to use the Android app on Windows 11.

The Android app can be loaded by loading the app from Microsoft's Appstore and loading it on Amazon Appstore. It will have the facility to use the Android app along with other Windows apps. Android apps can also be pinned to the Start menu and taskbar.

For now, 50 apps will be available for use on Windows 11. It has various apps including mobile games like Lord Mobile, Jones Journey, Coin Masters.

Although there are more than 3 million apps in the Google Play Store, only 50 apps can be used in Windows 11 immediately.