Here's how to create more than one inbox in Gmail

Here's how to create more than one inbox in Gmail

You can see an inbox in Gmail. However, in Gmail, you do a lot of work and if you don't have just one inbox, you can create the inbox you want.

It's easy to create more than one email inbox. To do this, first, go to your Gmail settings.

If you are using Gmail in the web version, you can see the settings hint at the top right of the screen.

After going into Settings, you will see the Inbox menu from different menus.

After clicking there, you will see the default option. When you click there, you will see an option called 'Multiple Inbox' at the bottom of the various options.

After clicking there, in the newly opened box, you will see the option to create 5 inboxes.

You don't have to create an inbox for everyone.

An inbox can be created based on what kind of inbox you are trying to create.

In the first inbox, you can type the word so that the email appears based on a word. Also, type the name of the inbox to the right of the name.

After doing so, below you can see the option of where to put the newly created inbox and how many emails to show in it. After selecting the option you want, click on 'Save Changes'.

Now you can see the newly created inbox on your Gmail home page.

Want to hide likes on Facebook posts? Do it

Today, the use of social media is becoming widespread. At the same time, based on the response to the public posts, the profile is being estimated.

The tendency to associate your popularity with the likes, reactions, and comments in the post has caused problems from time to time. Of course, there is no reason to be serious about the reaction on social media.

But most users are happy and satisfied with the many likes and comments on their posts. Some do not like this habit

In this way, how many people reacted on Facebook today, how many likes came in the photo can be made invisible to others. However, the person posting can see who and how many people have reacted.

If you also want to stay away from the number of likes in your photos and posts, today's article can be helpful.

To stop reacting from the Facebook app, do the following:

- It is necessary to have a Facebook app to remove the like / react count. This feature is not available in browsers and desktop laptops. (If you don't have a Facebook app on Facebook, download the app and log in to your account.)

-If you are an Android user, tap on the three-striped menu (Humber Menu) at the top right of Facebook. For iOS users, tap on the three-line menu (Humber Menu) at the bottom right of Facebook.

- Scroll down and tap on the 'Settings and Privacy' button below.

-Now tap the setting 'Options' under 'Settings and Privacy.

- Now tap on 'Reaction Preferences' under Preferences.

-You have two options. In which, by tapping on the first option, you can make the likes in other people's posts invisible. Similarly, by choosing the second option, you can make the likes in your post invisible.

Fork display on Apple's new headset

 Apple is preparing to bring a new headset. According to a recent report, Apple is about to bring a new headset, including the display technology and chipset used in the MacBook.

According to reports from The Information, Bloomberg, and Ming-Si-Kuo, Apple will unveil the headset with a high-resolution color camera by 2022.

Kuo has claimed that its value will be one thousand dollars (about one hundred and twenty thousand Nepali rupees). It is claimed that the headset will have a dual fork OLED microdisplay.

However, this feature is not yet used in VR headsets.

Kuo expects Apple's headset to be more compact in design and performance than current headsets.

With Bleeding Edge's expensive processors and microdisplays, it could compete with Cambria, Meta's upcoming project, instead of Quest 2.

The headset is claimed to have a new chip for Mac with computing power like M1. The M1 is Apple's first in-house PC processor.

While low-end chipsets are being used even on Apple's flagship smartphones, it is doubtful that Mac-level chipsets will be used in headsets.