These are the most searched topics on Google this year

These are the most searched topics on Google this year

Looking back on 2021, what did you find on Google? The most searched title on Google last year was Corona Virus. This year, users seem to be slowly returning to their old diaries.

Because this time the coronavirus and vaccine did not get many places in Google search. Of course, Corona is the third most searched news item on Google in 2021. But, in other words, the word corona did not get much space this year.

Google has released a list of the most searched titles in 2021. This year, as every year, Google has released a list of the most searched news, artists, players, food, games, movies, people, songs, TV shows, etc. in 2021.

This year, most sports-related topics have been explored. Of course, the games that were not organized in 2020 due to Corona were completed this year. That being the case, sports became a topic of interest for many this year. That's why so many users are searching Google for different games all year long, according to Google.

The most searched title in 2021

Australia vs. India

India versus England



Euro 2021

Copa America

India versus New Zealand

T20 World Cup

Squid game


Thematic news is the most searched news in Afghanistan. The situation in Afghanistan has been of interest to many since the Taliban took over. News related to the covid vaccine is in third place.

The most sought-after actors are Alec Baldwin and Christian Ericsson. There are biryani tacos in the food.

On the sports side, the most sought-after item is the pop cat, while on the TV side, it is the squid game. The most searched sports team on Google is 'Real Madrid'.

What is the function of a processor in a smartphone? Understand this easily

We are explaining that in detail.

What is a smartphone processor?

The processor of a smartphone is also called a chipset. This is an important component inside the smartphone, which controls all the activities inside the phone and ensures that all its activities are being done properly.

You can compare it to the human brain. Everything you do on a smartphone goes directly to the processor. It then brings visual changes to your screen. All this work is done in half a millisecond.

How does a smartphone processor work?

When you open an image in the app, the processor registers and stores your activity in the device's memory. This is called the 'phase of fetch'. Such activity then translates into the docked phase in Van and Zero.

Now, these instructions are saved in the language your smartphone understands and is ready for execution. The processor transmits zero and one and you can see all this happening on your screen. Your picture now opens on the screen. Finally, the executed instructions are saved in the register memory in the saving phase. The process then restarts.

What determines the speed of the processor?

The speed at which a processor processes any perfection depends on many factors. Such as the number of processor cores. Clock speed is also an important factor. Processors with low clock speeds and a low number of processor cores work slower. Processors with similar high-speed clock speeds and a large number of processor cores work faster.

What is Clock Speed?

Clock speed determines how many instructions a processor can execute per second. A 1 GHz clock speed processor can process one billion instructions per second.

High-speed clock speeds are used for fast phones. Expensive phones have more click speeds on the processor core than cheap phones.

What is a processor core?

The processor, also called CPU, has many cores: dual, quad, Hexa, and octa-core. What do these cores do? The Kamaru processor core distributes the Kamaru while using the phone. A core contains the maximum number of instructions, which it processes within a certain time.

If you try to do a lot of work on a smartphone at once, a line is formed. If this line becomes too long, its parts move towards each other. This is why smartphones can work smoothly.

Run Chrome browser on a smartphone? This is how to delete cache and cookies

 While browsing the internet, web browsers on Android phones are collecting a lot of data. Which is in the form of caches and cookies.

Which will make it easier for you to research the content once searched on the internet. This means that once you search again, the subject matter will re-open quickly.

In addition, the website uses cookies to track your browsing history. Which helps companies to do personalized advertising.

However, this does not mean that caches and cookies are always good. Because if your browser has been left with cache and cookies for a long time, the effect will be seen on the websites.

In that case, it is necessary to delete the cache and cookies of the mobile browser from time to time. Here's how to delete cache and cookies in the Google Chrome browser.

To do this, first, open the Chrome browser on the Android phone/tablet and click on the 'Three Dot' option at the top right. Now click on 'History' and then on 'Clear Browsing Data.

You can also do this by clicking on Chrome's 'Settings' menu and then on 'Privacy and Security' via 'Clear Browsing Data.

At the same time, Chrome will give you the option to delete the level of browsing data 'Basic' and 'Advanced'.

Where browsing history, cookies, site data, and cached images, and file removal options are available. You will also have the option to choose how long you need to remove cookies and cache.

If you go to Advance, you have the option to remove the password, Autofill form data, and site settings that you have saved so far in the Chrome browser.

You can delete all caches and cookies by selecting the topic you want to delete and clicking on 'Clear Data' at the end.