Here's how to easily connect your laptop to a monitor

Here's how to easily connect your laptop to a monitor

You can expand the on-screen to two full screens by hooking up your laptop to the desktop monitor. Also, if you're running Windows 10, you can set different viewing modes for both screens.

Properly set up, you can turn your laptop into a multi-tasking device. Multitasking: When you connect your laptop to a monitor, you can work in split-screen mode.

If you are watching a movie on a PC monitor, you can tweet about it on the laptop screen. It also gives you a setup that can be toggled back and forth between applications.

More screen real estate: By connecting your laptop to a monitor, you can double the size of your available screen space.

Any computer function can be moved from one screen to another, meaning you don't have to resize or toggle Windows to watch two separate programs at the same time.

This type of setup helps a lot. You can video chat on Facebook as well as work separately on another platform.

How to connect the laptop to the monitor?

Choose the appropriate cable at the beginning: When you connect an external monitor to a laptop, you need to place the cable between the two devices. Make sure your monitor cable fits between the laptop and the monitor's socket.

Let your operating system know that you are using a second screen. For this, Windows 10 computer is not so difficult. Right-click your mouse and go to Display Settings. On Macs, external monitor connections are automatically recognized.

Set up monitor orientation. On both PC and Mac, the second screen can be used to mirror your laptop screen or to act as an extended screen for the first. Access System Preferences on Control Panel or Mac on your computer.

How to connect a laptop to a monitor is very simple. It can go a long way in enhancing your experience and improving productivity. Also, you don't have to toggle between open windows and running programs on your laptop.

With the arrival of the world's first smartphone with 22 GB of RAM, these are the possible features

As our expectations for smartphones have grown, so have smartphones. Today we are going to tell you about one such smartphone in which you can get up to 22 GB of RAM.

Apart from this, the phone will have 640 GB of internal memory. The phone technology giant Lenovo is preparing to bring it. According to reports, the specifications of the Lenovo Legion Y Ninety will include a 6.92-inch EFOR AMOLED display panel.

June 144 Hz will come with a refresh rate. It will also have a touch sampling rate of up to 720 Hz. With the help of which it can be felt very smooth and soft.

As for the camera setup of the Lenovo Legion Y Nine, it will have two cameras on the back. One will be 64 megapixels and the other 16 megapixels.

The phone will have a 44-megapixel front camera for selfies and video calling. However, the company has not confirmed all these specifications.

The phone will be powered by Qualcomm's powerful and premium chipset Snapdragon at Jane One. The phone is expected to have a 5600 mAh capacity battery and fast charging.

The report states that it will support a 65-watt fast charger. The phone has a dual-axis motor. The phone has a Frost Blade 3.0 system for cooling.

The phone will also have six dedicated buttons for gaming. The total weight of this phone is said to be 268 grams.

Meta is building the world's most powerful supercomputer for Metaverse

 Meta is set to launch the world's fastest AI supercomputer. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta / Facebook, says that these supercomputers are being developed as part of Metaka's virtual world creation plan 'Metaverse'.

According to the concept of Metaverse, excellent and powerful computing power is required to mix the physical and digital worlds through virtual reality and augmented reality.

AI Research Computer has been dubbed 'AI Research Supercluster' (RSC) by Zuckerberg's Meta. Which is still the fifth-fastest super commuter in the world.

Zuckerberg says: "The project we're building for Metaverse requires a lot of computing power. The new AI model will enable RSC to learn from billions of examples and understand hundreds of languages. '

It is also said that the model of RSC will be ready soon. Researchers also claim that the RSC, which is made up of thousands of processors, can easily detect harmful content on its platform. However, it is estimated that it will take some time for the entire system of Metaverse to be ready.

According to Kevin Lee, technical program manager at Meta, and Shubho Sen Gupta, software engineer, the supercomputer will be able to instantly translate conversations between gamers from different countries.

The user's phone in general can also allow large groups of people around the world to play games based on augmented reality.

Useful headsets and glasses for this are being developed in big companies like Apple and Snapchat, according to Meta employees.


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