Have you ever seen a bitcoin mine?

Have you ever seen a bitcoin mine?

Kazakhstan's Largest Crypto Mining: This safest plant in northern Kazakhstan is one of the largest crypto mining mines in the world. It has tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment attached to it.

Spread over an area of ​​15 hectares, the mine has eight warehouses. There are 50,000 computers in all data centers. Which is owned by a company called Annex.

Kazakhstan has become the second-largest country in the world for bitcoin mining in just two years. This digital money comes from a complex technical process. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are decoded on these computers.

This decentralized digital currency transaction can take place both online and offline. This money can be sent directly to the recipient without any intermediary.

Voltaire has a large network around the world to make payments. A computer is required to automatically verify the transaction.

It involves many complex mathematical processes. Bitcoin is rewarded in a fragmented way. In November 2021, the world's crypto market grew fivefold to ३० 3 trillion.

"I've been working here for about three years now," said Larsen Naratluov, head of the mine's hosting department. I was the first operator here. At that time we had to learn everything ourselves, from connecting the electricity to set up the router. I am currently the head of the hosting department. And our team is more than 150 people. '

The booming industry has opened up a new career path for Kazakh youth. "I've never heard of Bitcoin before," said Almaz Magaz, a mining official. Our shift runs from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We take care of the machine. So that they can run continuously. We work 15 days and take 15 days off. When we work, we stay here constantly. I never find it difficult. '

Another employee, Darkhan Kultaev, said: "I feel very good here. I got along very well with Almaz and the people I live with. '

After all, what was the reason for this level of improvement in crypto in Kazakhstan? First of all, electricity is very cheap here compared to other countries.

Another thing is that after the strict ban on crypto-related activities in China, the crypto miners moved to Kazakh. "All of these boxes are from China, there are more than a thousand," says Yerbolsin Sarsenov, CEO of Annex. "These are all new generation mining rigs."

These have been installed and are already running. After the ban in China, we received many requests. We were constantly receiving phone calls and even received many e-mails.

Now we are talking about building a new plant. When we go to our plant, the sound of the machine excites us. Because it's the voice of money (digital money). '

But Kazakhstan is now trying to tighten its grip on the industry. Because of this, there is a problem with electricity.

Political unrest in Kazakhstan in January affected mining operations. The industry was shut down for five consecutive days after the Internet was banned.

US expanding 5G services by shutting down 3G

Along with the development of technology, radical changes have also taken place in the telecommunication sector. The telecommunication service, which started from 2G at some point, has gradually reached 5G through 3G and 4G. At the same time, the discussion of SixG is also going on.

Accordingly, the American telecom company is going to sideline the old technology 3G for the expansion of FiveG. The company plans to replace the 3G with a five-frequency extension used in it.

3G has been replaced by the latest technology, Forge and FiveG, which brought a radical change in the mobile internet at some point.

Instead of investing more in old technology, they are planning to invest in new technology FiveG. According to the companies, the number of 3G users has been steadily declining.

The companies have stated that they are preparing to use 3G in the frequency and infrastructure used in it instead of continuing 3G as the number of users is declining.

Here's how to unsend mail sent from Gmail

Have you ever felt that something was missing or that something was missing because of an error? I must have thought that I would not have been able to send it after mailing.

Google has provided a mail unsend feature to address this issue. Currently, the company offers the facility to unsend emails for up to 30 seconds.

Today we are giving you procedural information to use this feature.

For that, when you prepare an email to someone and finally click on the 'Send' button, a small notification box appears on the left side.

In the notification box, you will see an option called 'Undo'. By clicking on that option you can immediately stop the email from going.

This option lasts for a maximum of 30 seconds. If you do not have 30 seconds, you need to go to Gmail settings.

For that, you can go to Sending, go to ‘See all setting’, go to ‘Undo Send’, go to ‘send cancellation period’, you can make any choice for 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.


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