Do you play online games a lot? Be aware that this can be risky

Do you play online games a lot? Be aware that this can be risky

With the easy availability of the internet, the craze of online and video games has increased in Nepal. Especially young people and children are spending a lot of time online and video games. There are many benefits to playing a short game.

Such games increase concentration as well as the ability to see the eyes. It is better to do anything at the right time. But if it is too much, it will do the opposite.

The same rule applies to games. Playing a lot of offline and online games on mobile or computer can hurt the brain, memory, and vision.

If a person cannot play a game or has only a game in his mind, then such a person is considered to be addicted to the game. Today we are going to talk about some of the disadvantages or disadvantages of online and video games.

1. Suffering from mental stress

Some online and video games that are now public are also violent in nature. As a result, gamers show anger, screaming, etc. when they die or lose in the game.

Due to this, there are problems like quarrels in the family, not listening to others, being monotonous. Which also causes mental stress.

2. Decreased concentration:

Many online and video game players lack concentration. For example, children who spend a lot of time playing online and video games may be less interested in reading a book.

3. Eyesight loss:

Blue light emanates from computers and mobiles. Which is harmful to our eyes. Spending hours in front of computers and mobiles can lead to poor eyesight.

4. Short-term memory loss:

A study has shown that gamers experience short-term memory loss or the problem of forgetting what they have just heard, seen, or done.

5. Chaotic lifestyle:

Spending hours sitting in front of a computer or mobile phone can cause weight gain in children and adolescents. Also, lack of exercise can lead to problems like diabetes at an early age.

6. Problems integrating into society:

Since video and online games have a computerized environment, gamers make friends through them. But the society they live in lacks real friends. Spending a lot of time in games also reduces participation in social activities.

7. Deprived of creative work

Adolescence is a time of discovery and personal development. Giving too much time to the game at such a time can lead to social and intellectual backwardness.

Russia bans Facebook

. The Russian government is set to ban the social networking site Facebook. Russia's response came after Facebook restricted access to Russian state media over the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia's Internet regulatory body has decided to ban Facebook, saying it discriminates against Russian media. "In the last few days, social media including Facebook, ZTV, RIA News Agency, Sputnik, Russia Today, and other media outlets have been banned from their accounts," the regulator said.

"This is a violation of government law. It also undermines the equal rights of all to information. "

He says that with this decision, millions of Russian Facebook users will find themselves cut off from Facebook.

"Millions of users in Russia will be able to access reliable information and stay in touch with their friends and family daily," he said.

Electric vehicles are less reliable than cars running on petroleum products!

At present, the popularity of electric vehicles has increased a lot. Electric car maker Tesla has established itself as a popular brand in the world by selling electric vehicles.

However, surveys in the UK have shown that electric vehicles are less reliable than diesel and petrol models.

According to the survey, the owners of electric vehicles have experienced many problems in their vehicles in the last four years. According to a survey conducted by Consumer Group, 19 percent of owners of petrol vehicles and 29 percent of owners of diesel vehicles said that 31 percent of electric vehicle owners had problems with vehicles in the first four years.

Due to the small number of removable parts of electric vehicles, it was a dilemma to be more effective than petrol and diesel models. However, this survey has brought out the opposite result.

You may have a problem with the motor or battery of an electric vehicle. However, most of the problems have been found in the software of electric vehicles. Surveys have found that fuel-efficient vehicles are more reliable.