Elon Musk announces that these users will now have to pay to use Twitter

Elon Musk announces that these users will now have to pay to use Twitter

Elon Musk has announced that he will make some changes to Twitter after taking full ownership of it. Until now, users have been using Twitter for free, but now some users have to pay for it.

Musk tweeted on Wednesday morning that some users now have to pay to use Twitter. ‘Twitter will always be free for the average user. However, there is a charge for using it for commercial or government purposes, "he tweeted.

If the basis for his tweet is valid, the company or organization that uses Twitter for government or business will have to pay some fee for using Twitter.

Musk had been saying before he took full ownership of Twitter that he would change it. He became the talk of the town after he announced the introduction of the 'Edit' button on Twitter.

He was also trying to buy Twitter some time ago. However, the issue of buying Twitter was very controversial at that time. Shortly afterward, Musk agreed on April 25 to buy full ownership of Twitter for  44 billion.

Full-screen home feed on Instagram now, just like on Tiktok

The full-screen video appears on your screen as soon as you open the ticket. Don't be surprised if you see a similar feature on Instagram now.

Because Meta is now testing the full-screen home feed on Instagram as well. According to a recent report released by Meta, users on Instagram spend more than 20 percent of their time on reels and 50 percent of their Facebook time on video content.

Meta has been giving high priority to video content on its platform due to the recent attraction of Facebook users towards tickets.

Meanwhile, a full-screen home feed is being brought to Instagram. Although there is a full-screen home feed, at the bottom of the screen there will be a Discovery tab in the navigation bar, reels, shopping, and tabs to your page.

The YouTube Go app has been shut down

The light version of YouTube 'YouTube Go' will be shut down from August this year. The app was launched by YouTube in 2016, targeting users with a poor internet connection or lack of good network access.

In the meantime, there have been several upgrades to the app, some of which have helped the main app to run YouTube more efficiently on a normal device and for users with a slow internet connection.

YouTube's team is now working on a new app in the main app, which will allow users to use YouTube even with less use of their mobile data.

However, no information has been given as to when this new facility will be available. The team is also advising Go users to download the main app of YouTube.

Initially, YouTube Go was available in India and Indonesia. Since 2017, it has been made public worldwide.

By 2018, YouTube Go was available in more than 130 countries. Now the company has decided to close it.

Added 'Self Sharing' feature to Android, to make it easier to transfer files between two smartphones

Google has unveiled a new system update. Along with the new update, the company has provided some new features in Android OS, Google Play Store, and Google Play Services.

Under this, Google has further refined Nearby shares. The company has introduced the long-awaited feature 'Self Sharing'.

In addition, files can now be shared without interruption on two devices logged in with the same Google Account. This means you can now share files on your own two different Android devices.

In addition, with the implementation of this feature, when sending files from one device to another, it is said that there is no hassle of having to disallow every file.