Annoyed by Advertising or Spam in Google Messages? Do it

 Annoyed by Advertising or Spam in Google Messages? Do it

Lately, the use of Google Messages has been increasing. The messaging app, which features SMS (short message system) and RCS (Rich Communication Service), uses phone numbers, so there may be more unwanted ads from third parties.

Although Google has introduced a spam protection feature, it has not been very effective. Today we're going to show you how to block spam messages from Google's messaging app.

This is how to block unwanted ads and spam

If you see spam or advertisements in Google's message notifications, you should know that Google's spam protection feature does not recognize them. You must block such messages yourself.

The following procedure can be followed to block such unwanted messages in Google Messages.

First, open the app.

Then go to the spam message you want to block.

Tap on the three dots above it.

Tap Block and report spam.

Once there, tick Report Yaz Spam (Report as Spam).

Then tap on the OK option below to block the spam message.

Then the message will never come from the number you blocked.

This is how to block RCS ads and spam

Now RCS (photo, video, or audio) messages are being sent instead of SMS. If you are getting a lot of RCS-related ads, you can block them by following the procedure mentioned below.

First, open the app.

Then open the RCS ad that appears in your message.

Tap on the three dots above it.

Tap Block and report spam.

Once there, tick Report Yaz Spam (Report as Spam).

Then close the RCS ad by tapping on the Ok option below.

Do you know why YouTube was started?

What comes to your mind when it comes to YouTube? Favorite songs come to our minds at the earliest.

But when it started, the goal was different. When YouTube first went public in 2005, it was launched as a 'dating' platform, not as a music platform.

The initial concept of YouTube was different. This platform was started as a platform for users to create and upload videos about themselves to find suitable partners.

However, this platform did not find a good market. It was a flop in the early days.

The company's founders then abandoned the concept and introduced a new way to upload any type of video to YouTube.

Google bought YouTube in 2006. Today, there are over two and a half billion YouTube users worldwide.

Now you can edit the message already sent on WhatsApp

Messages that have already been sent to WhatsApp can now be edited. Users have been demanding this feature for a long time and the company has informed us that it will be implemented soon.

This will allow users to correct errors in the messages they send. Telegram has already brought such a feature.

WhatsApp also said it was working on the feature, but did not say when.

After this feature comes into operation, the user has to tap on the chat they want to edit. Then there appears a menu, which includes the text edit option.

WhatsApp now includes a feature that can delete messages sent more than an hour earlier.