Bill Gates says: Cryptocurrency and NFT are based on stupid principles, I don't invest

Bill Gates says: Cryptocurrency and NFT are based on stupid principles, I don't invest

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, says that NFT and cryptocurrency are based on 100% foolish theory.

Speaking at an event organized by news organization TechCrunch, he said that he would rather invest in a production company and industry than invest in NFT and cryptocurrency.

"I am not affiliated with NFT or cryptocurrency and will not be involved in the coming days," he said.

This is not the first time Gates has spoken out against NFT and cryptocurrency. In an earlier interview, he had said that NFT and cryptocurrency were not his investment.

Not only that, he has been constantly expressing concern about the investors who will invest in it.

What's new in iOS 16?

Apple has recently announced iOS 16 for the iPhone. At the same time, the features that will be available in the new iOS version have also been made public.

To protect users from various types of abuse, Apple is going to bring the 'Safety Check' feature to iOS 16.

According to the company, using this feature, users will be able to know who has access to the app and password on their mobile or who used it. A person suffering from a relationship will be able to control the access of such people to their phones.

Users will be able to prevent such people from accessing Find My Location, data, contact numbers, and other details on their phones.

Users will also be able to use the 'Emergency Reset' feature. This feature allows users to remove access to their phones with one click.

In the last few years, Apple has been providing various features to its devices to prevent such misconduct.

IOS 16 also includes other new features. In iOS 16, the company has brought many features to the lock screen of the iPhone.

With the iOS 16 update, iPhone users will now be able to customize their lock screen as they wish.

In addition, developers will create a live update lock screen for users through a 'Live Activities' feature. That is, the user's desired real-time information, such as live updates of an ongoing game, user's ride share, or tracking of food delivery, can be viewed live on the lock screen.

Similarly, it will now appear directly on the lock screen instead of in the 'Widget Today View', in which news, weather information, calendar, and other details can be found.

Also, details like calendar, weather, news, battery percentage, alarm, etc. can be seen in one widget.

Similarly, new colors, filters, backgrounds, and fonts have been added to the mobile theme.

With the update of iOS 16, now the notification will also come from bottom to top.

Similarly, emails sent by mail can also be scheduled ahead of time and can be deleted if not sent.

In the same way, now you can edit or unsend the message sent from iMessage and you can also mark any iMessage as unread or unread. The sharp feature can now be used not only on FaceTime but also on iMessages.

With the update of iOS 16, the live text feature can now be used not only in photos but also in videos. Similarly, the copied text can be translated into another language.

Apple is also planning to release the 'Buy Now, Pay Letter' feature. With the Apple Pay Letter option, Apple Pay users will now be able to purchase items first and pay later.

New locations have been added to Apple Maps, and you can view and read thematic news of your choice on Apple News. Similarly, your photo and video library can now be shared with other users.

Have a habit of turning off the laptop directly? Take care of these things

You may have to shut down your laptop or computer suddenly while doing any work. In some cases, while our computer is working, it becomes intermittent and we are forced to shut down.

Similarly, even if the computer is slow, we are turning off the computer. Some even turn straight off because it takes time to shut down.

There is an illusion that our computer gets damaged when we restart or shut down the computer continuously. Is there a problem with the computer when the computer is constantly restarted or turned off? Today we are going to talk about what happens when the computer is constantly restarted or turned off.

Repeatedly shutting down or restarting the device on an earlier computer could have damaged the hard disk drive (a rotating magnetic disk, called a spinning disk).

When the computer is turned on, the hard drive cannot make direct contact with the spinning disk. Instead, a spinning disc floats on a thin layer of air. When the computer shuts down, the spinning disk is parked on the surface of the hard disk.

If the computer is restarted in a short time, the spinning disc will remain on the same surface. Due to this, the memory was more likely to be damaged or scratched. Don't worry, this is a computer problem until the 1990s.

If you have a computer then you have to park the drive in the right place. However, if you have a modern computer, frequent on / off or restarting will have little effect on the computer.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It can be run well for an average of five to seven years.

Because while we are using it, various types of parts are getting old and the performance is declining.

According to Energystar, modern computers are developed without any impact when turned on and off up to 40,000 times

This means that if you turn off the computer when you sleep in the evening and turn it on when you wake up in the morning, turning it on and off for 109 years will not cause any problem.

Similarly, if you turn it on and off 10 times a day, turning it on for 10 years will not cause any problem with the hardware.

This can be a problem if you keep the computer on all the time, because when it is on, it will continue to process data and run the software, so the device may overheat and damage its components.

Turning it on and off does not mean that it will do any harm. However, it may take some time to follow every procedure that needs to be turned on.

It is better to put it in slip mode than to shut it down directly. When the device is in sleep mode, only short-term RAM memory is used.

Sleeping mode consumes a small amount of battery. When the device is in sleep mode, it does not generate heat, does not keep the hard drive active, does not run the fan, and when you open it, it starts working at speeds according to the performance of your device.

If you do not want to use the device for a long time, you can shut it down.

Although it is often mentioned that turning off the device does not cause much of a problem, there are some basic things you need to pay attention to.

If you are shutting down or restarting your computer, you need to make sure that your previous work is saved.