Life at the space center, where a 'vacuum cleaner' is needed to defecate

Life at the space center, where a 'vacuum cleaner' is needed to defecate

"I am very happy, everything is fine for me here and it is like my second home," says German astronaut Martias. He cannot book a taxi from there and return home.

He lives in the International Space Station (ISS). The space is deep and very dark all around. She may not be feeling at home there, but her body is not happy, especially with the weightless state of mind.

"It took some time to get used to it. I mean, flying here in the early days feels like a ring. Your brain is constantly learning how to transcend the 3D environment. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

"In the beginning, you lose a lot of things," says Martias. So you spend half your time searching for lost items. But I say in about 10 days you can get used to zero gravity in this new environment. "

But after weeks in space, the German astronauts are still not happy. "I feel very small. I don't mean to be alarmed by the ring, but when you wake up in the morning, your brain is not working properly. "

"You have to work hard to wake up well. You are not 100 percent refreshed during this time, I would say 95 percent. This makes work in space more difficult. Because you make a mistake. You soon forget things. As my friends say, math is more difficult in space than on Earth. ” He says

You can swim in space without interruption. "Even if you look at the picture, the astronauts look different on Earth and different when they come into space. Here your face gets a little thick, and round. I say your face is round like the moon. "

This is because the blood from the heart travels to different parts of our body. There is gravity on the earth, which causes blood to flow to the feet. But here in space, my legs have become thin. Because the blood does not go to the feet like on earth. The blood that is pumped from the heart travels to the upper body. That's why my face is showing you some redness, "says astronaut Martinez.

However, having a big head means that shampoo is also very necessary. It's called "Puppy Face, Chicken Leg Syndrome" in the language of space. This does not cause many problems. But when more blood flows to the brain, there is less space.

"There is a lot of cranial pressure here. This causes a lot of fluid to flow into the brain, which puts pressure on the optical nerve. It can also put pressure on the eyes. There is a difference in our view of space. The look in my eyes is blurred. ”

"It just makes it harder to read things that are far away. Although I'm a little uncomfortable. But some people need glasses, even if they don't use them on earth. I have glasses of both near and far. But I don't need any of these. "

Astronauts sometimes have only free time to see such scenes. "Hopefully, when I return to Earth, my eyesight will improve," says Martias. For some astronauts, this kind of change can be seen while in space. This effect is constant in someone's eyes, even after returning from space. "

Even the nose tends to be accustomed to weight loss. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. As there is more fluid in the upper part, the pressure on the sniffing nerves increases.

He says, “In fact, my sense of smell has changed. I have a long nose and I used to joke that it sticks to my long nose before it reaches my brain. Even there, my sense of smell was not so great. But in space, it has become even slower. Something similar happens in the taste buds when we eat less food. ”

So food sent into space tends to be very spicy. Even if it comes in tubes and bags, the astronauts are excited about it.

Even the abdomen tends to be weightless in space. When on the ground, the gas of the stomach comes to the surface and some small part goes to the inner part of the stomach. Meanwhile, the digestive process takes place. In case of weight loss, solid matter can come out of the body instead of gas through belching. Which is not good Therefore, gaseous beverages are banned in space.

"But there is no belching in space. So there is only one way to get rid of gas, padnu. There are many other odors on the space station. So not sniffing it is a one-way street in this situation, ”says Martias.

But when the pressure rises, there is even a toilet in the space station. Although it is like a vacuum cleaner. Because in case of weight loss, nothing falls in the designated place. "I would say that most of the time, we don't do it. Because we are like ordinary people, ”he says.

Here's how to recover when your Facebook account is locked

If you do anything against Facebook's policy, your account may be banned. Facebook has stated in its policy that certain things will be banned.

Today we are going to tell you what is banned on Facebook and what can be done if it is banned.

Suppose you post a comment that contains obscenity, violent activity, spreading spam, unauthorized sales, misinformation, or abuse. In that case, Facebook will ban your account without any notice after receiving such a post or comment.

Similarly, in some cases where you suddenly start doing something you have never done before, such as posting to multiple groups, adding too many posts to your timeline, or unnecessarily adding too many friends at once, Facebook will lock the account by assuming that you are not the person doing it.

Or if some unauthorized activity is taking place from your account, your account is more likely to be locked.

After the account is locked, there are various processes to open it, in which you have to know the friend with whom you have more interaction, find out your date of birth, or verify by email.

If you do not do this, the ID may be locked forever.

So to add people you know on Facebook, you have to take care of which email or date of birth you have used on Facebook. Now let's learn what to do if your Facebook account is restricted.

We have mentioned above that any action taken against your Facebook account from your Facebook account will be restricted.

What to do if the account is restricted for some reason. The first time you post, a story or comment contrary to Facebook's policy, Facebook warns that if you do so now, the account will be restricted.

The second time the account is banned for 24 hours. Similarly, for the third time for 48 hours, for the fourth time for 30 days, and for the fifth time, and then every time against the policy, indefinite restrictions are imposed.

If Facebook bans you, you can use any feature of Facebook. In some cases, you can use the message feature. The type of policy you violate determines how long your account will be blocked.

If the ban is set, you can wait. But, if the time is not fixed, how long to wait? If you use another account on your phone, you cannot use that account.

That is why the account restriction has to be removed. To remove the restrictions on your Facebook account, you need to put your problem in the support center of Facebook.

For that, first, go to Facebook.

Like any post. After liking, you will be notified that your account has been restricted.

Take a screenshot of it. Then come to the homepage of Facebook.

Tap on the three bars on the top right.

Then tap on the 'Help and Support' option.

Then tap on the 'Report Problem' option.

Then tap on 'Continue to Report Problem'.

Then tap on the 'Include in report' option. There are many options available. You need to find the profile option.

You should mention that you are banned in the Describe the issue box. Below that, you have to go to the ad image and select the screenshot first.

Then there is the 'Send' icon at the top right. You can send it after you have completed all the procedures.

 Facebook's support team evaluates the situation in which you acted contrary to Facebook's policy and resolves it in a few days. This way you can remove the ban on your Facebook account.