How to schedule a Facebook post

How to schedule a Facebook post

Facebook is the most used social network in the world. Nowadays it has become not only a social network but also a center of online business.

Through a Facebook page, you can reach your business with more and more users. It gives even small businesses a platform to go global.

If you have a page related to the content creator, online business, art, literature, etc., you should post quality content regularly. You may not know some smart ways to manage a Facebook page like this.

One such smart way is Facebook Post Schedule. You don't need to open Facebook frequently to post 3/4 daily.

You can schedule a Facebook post at once and set a certain time to auto-post. This is a very useful Facebook feature, but you may not be using it. Facebook post schedule saves you a lot of time.

To schedule a post on your Facebook page:

Go to your Facebook page.

Go to Publishing Tools on the right side of the Facebook page.

Then click on Create Post. There you can select what to post a Facebook post, story, and Facebook ad under Planner.

Then you can select when and where to schedule. When you select time and date, you can select time from a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 75 days.

After setting a certain time, now you have to create a post. While creating a post, you have to put at least one photo and one hashtag.

You can also connect your page's Instagram account.

After doing this, your post will be posted automatically after connecting to the internet at the specified time.

In this way, you can schedule your Facebook posts and post them regularly.

A fake app that looks like WhatsApp is spreading, isn't it on your mobile?

 WhatsApp has asked to be cautious as fake messaging apps are spreading in the market. The company's chief executive officer (CEO) Will Cathcart has warned that users who use fake or modified versions of WhatsApp may be in big trouble.

WhatsApp has more than two billion active users. Due to a large number of users, this app is falling into the eyes of scammers. Such scammers are active by adopting different methods.

The company's security research group has disclosed about fake apps that provide services similar to WhatsApp.

According to CEO Will Cathcart, malware is being spread on users' mobile phones through such apps, including apps available outside the Google Play Store, including 'Hey WhatsApp'.

Even if these apps provide new features, they are all scams. They have done so to steal the data and other personal details on the user's phone," he wrote, adding, "We have also shared with Google that we have discovered such harmful apps. And, we are working in collaboration with Google to remove such apps.

Apps of fake versions of WhatsApp are not available in Google Play Store. It has been found that users download such apps from various unofficial sources.

Google's Play Protect on Android removes fake versions of WhatsApp that have already been downloaded. We appreciate Google's support. And, we are constantly working to control harmful apps that spread on Android devices," Cathcart mentioned in a tweet.

Instagram is rolling out a feature where only subscribers can view posts

In terms of business, Instagram has been used as a very effective platform. Meanwhile, the company has been testing various paid features of Instagram lately.

The company is also preparing to launch the 'Creator Subscription Program' this year. Under this feature, creators can run their accounts on a subscription basis.

Instagram has introduced a separate feature for users who subscribe in this way. Under this, the creator can post his posts or reels so that only his subscribers can see them.

The company says that this feature has been introduced based on the requests of many creators. Pictures or videos posted in this way will have a tagline written in purple color 'Exclusive'.

Apart from this, Instagram has also added an option called 'Subscriber Chat'.

Creators can create a group chat with up to 30 subscribers at once. Currently, this feature is gaining wide popularity in America.

Currently, Creator has the highest monthly subscription of $100 in the US.