Risk of Spyware Attacks on iPhone, Urges Apple to Change Privacy Settings

Risk of Spyware Attacks on iPhone, Urges Apple to Change Privacy Settings

Saying that the risk of spyware attacks has increased, Apple has asked its users to change their mobile privacy settings.

With various types of cyber attacks on the rise, Apple has added various new cyber security features for users in iOS 16. By using that feature, users can protect their devices from cyber attacks and the company has asked them to use it.

In iOS 16, which will be released next September, Apple has added new features to privacy settings to avoid cyber attacks. Everyone will be able to use iOS 16 after its release, but now the company has only released its beta version.

In this beta version, you can use the privacy settings against cyber attacks. Features like 'Choose My Own Password' and 'Edit Strong Password' have been added to the new privacy settings.

In addition to this, there is also a feature where the user can set a password with the 'no special character' feature.

The company says that these new features have been added to protect users from various cyber attacks that may occur due to weak passwords.

How to save photos in word file?

Even though we are used to the computer on a daily basis, we may not be aware of some of its common things. So that we may be adopting a difficult process to do normal work.

Today we are discussing about such tips of Microsoft Word, through which you can save the photos there in high quality.

Especially when we have to work on a project or document, we have to work on a word file. Also, if any organization or company has sent a press release in a word file, then it is necessary to save the photo from it.

Similarly, you may have received someone's photos of various projects in the word file itself. The photos in that word file may have to be saved in JPEG or JPG format.

That's why you may have to save photos in Word file in some daily life tasks. Today we are giving information on how to save photos in word file.

You can follow two general procedures for that.

First, open the word file containing the photo.

Then click on the office button on the top left side.

Then tap on Save As option.

Then that Word opens in a folder in File Explorer.

There you have already selected Word document in Save as type. Go to it and select the web page.

Then save the file.

It is necessary to take care in which folder you have saved the file.

Then go to File Explorer and open that web page, then the file will open in the browser. Internet connection is not required as it runs from a local server.

Then you can click on the photo you want to save and save it.

As the quality of the saved photo will be reduced, you can use another method to save the photo. Follow the below procedure for that.

First, go to the word file containing the photo.

Then select the photo and right click.

Then click on the copy option and copy the photo.

Then you open Photoshop or paint software and paste the photo.

After copying the photo to save it in Paint, open the Paint application.

Then press Ctrl+V to paste the photo.

Then click on the save icon on the top right.

When saving, you have to choose the format JPG.

Then you can save a high quality photo.

How to Change Apple ID Password

Apple ID is required to use Apple services. Apple ID is required to access services like Apple Store, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and Apple Music.

Even if you have to set up a new Apple device, an Apple ID is required. If you find out that someone knows the password of the Apple ID you are using, you should change it immediately.

By doing this, you can protect the important data on your device. If you have to set a new password, first think of an eight character password.

In which you can think of a password by combining an uppercase letter (capital letter), a sign like (@,%,&), at least one digit, and a lowercase letter (small letter). However, remember that you cannot reuse the password you used before.

How to change Apple ID password is mentioned here. Remember, for that you must have remembered the last used password.

How to Change Password on iOS

First, go to the settings of your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch.

Then tap on your name at the top.

Then tap on Password & Security.

Then tap on Change Password.

Then in the new section that opens, you have to enter the passcode of your device.

Then enter a new password and confirm it.

Then go back to the main settings and signup using the new password.

How to Change Apple ID Password on Mac

First, click on the Apple menu at the top right.

Then select System Preferences there.

Then click on Apple ID option.

Then tap on Password & Security.

Unlock the Mac using the password you are using there.

Then enter the new password and verify.

Then click on Change. This is how you can change Apple ID password on Mac.