What to do, what not to do to stay safe in the virtual world?

What to do, what not to do to stay safe in the virtual world?

Nowadays we are getting used to virtual activities. Especially social media has become an integral part of our daily life.

From getting updates on the activities happening abroad, staying in touch with someone, making your things public, and advertising to study-teaching and treatment, these days it is done through a virtual system.

In this way, when virtual media is becoming a daily part of our life, the more the use has increased, the more it is necessary to be aware.

Just as everything has both positive and negative sides, virtual worlds also have good and bad sides. It has become important to know what to do and what not to do to stay safe in this world.

what to do

At least once a week, you should clear your device's cache file, automatic form filling cookies, and history of internet browsing.

Click on the 'Do Not Remember' option when using your account using public Wi-Fi and devices

You should use privacy settings on social media platforms to control who can connect with you through virtual media, who can send you messages, and who can view your posts. You have to choose whether or not to see what others post on your account.

You should only accept 'friend requests from people you know or have many mutual friends with.

Before using online video meeting platforms such as Zoom and Meet, you should check and use the privacy and security provisions of those platforms to control the access of the participants in the meeting and to silence or remove the interfering participants.

You should use secure messaging apps like Signal or WhatsApp, in which the messages you exchange are based on end-to-end encryption.

Platforms like Proton Mail and Tutanote Email can be used. Such platforms help to communicate confidentially and sensitive information cannot be leaked.

What not to do?

Do not link different social media accounts with each other.

Avoid using publicly available Wi-Fi on your device to stay safe from hacks or collecting personal data from government/non-government agencies. Mobile data can be used for security.

Do not mention on social media where exactly you are.

Do not share your personal details, date of birth, address, phone number, citizenship, bank details, or other important documents on social media. These details increase the risk of digital insecurity.

Do not share the meeting ID and passcode of online video meeting and conference platforms on social media.

Do not open news/information links directly from social media. Just open it by taking it to another browser tab.

Do not click the link without checking the title of the link you receive and the company and site the content is from.

Now you can add photos, videos, and gifs in one tweet

Currently, while tweeting, it is not possible to put different media content such as photos, videos, and gifs at the same time. Now, you can put up to four pictures and one video or gif in one tweet.

Now, the company is preparing to remove this feature and bring a feature that allows you to post all types of media content in one tweet.

The company said that this feature is currently under testing and will be made available to some users. The company said that the 280-word limit and how users will use these media materials in a single tweet will also be tested.

According to the news, some users who have Twitter Blue subscriptions are currently using this feature.

According to the company, based on their experience, what to change in the feature or not and when it will be fully ready will be decided.

Any video uploaded to YouTube can now be placed in 'Shorts'

YouTube recently released a new feature for users. Under this, regular and long videos uploaded by YouTube creators can also be kept as 'shorts' (short YouTube videos).

An option called 'Edit Into Shorts' has been added under the 'Create' feature in the creator account. Go to the video you have uploaded and click on the edit into shorts option and you can upload the same long video as shorts.

You can select a video of up to 60 seconds from the uploaded main video and bring it directly to Certus. The video pulled in this way can be added by using different filters or by adding other videos.

In the video pulled in this way, the link pin of the long video is provided in the option called 'Created from'. You can also go to the main video from the short by clicking on the link.

With this option, users can promote their main video through shorts. But this feature will apply only to the videos prepared by the user himself. In other words, this feature cannot be used in videos or TikTok videos downloaded from somewhere.

These must-know shortcuts to making your MacBook faster

It is rare to hear about the shortcut keys supported by Apple devices. Today we have given information about some shortcut keys that help to make work faster on Apple's MacBook.

When you are working without a shortcut, you have to take your finger out of the keyboard and use the touchpad or mouse from time to time.

Thus, every time you move your finger on the mouse or touchpad, your work is comparatively slower. Working in this way slows down your work, and your concentration may also be disturbed.

For example, if you need to save any file, first of all, you have to select the file option above the cursor of the mouse. After that, if you click on the save option, the file will be saved.

However, if you directly press Command and S keys together, the file will be saved. Not only this, many shortcut keys make every task easier. The information which we are giving through this article.

Shortcut keys to open apps quickly (Command+Spacebar)

Whether you're working on a document or browsing a website, or whatever else you're doing on your Mac, hold down the Command key and press the Spacebar.

If you do this, the spotlight will appear on the screen. Spotlight is like a gateway to everything on your Mac. Then type the name of the app and press the return key, then the app you searched for will open.

If you go back to your previous work at the same time, you can go to Spotlight and search for documents, apps, or websites.

A shortcut to preview an app, photo, or document

Similarly, there is another shortcut key for Mac, which only includes the spacebar. Select any file, app, or document you want in Finder. Then press the spacebar.

Doing so will open the Mac's Quick Look feature. It shows a preview of the file, app, or document you have selected. If what you selected is an app, a large app icon will appear.

However, if it is a photo, video, or document, then the preview of that content appears on the big page.

Shortcut keys to access folders directly through the Finder

Spotlight can lead you to any file you're looking for. Even if you don't know the full name of the document you are looking for, Spot Light helps you find it.

If you know which folder that document is in, you can directly access the app. This shortcut key only works in Finder. It will not work if you are in any other application.

However, if you are in the Finder, press Shift+Command+G to reach the Go to the box. Then type the path of the folder there and press return, you will directly reach the folder.

How to screenshot and record screen

To take a screenshot on a Mac, you need to press Command, Shift, and 3 keys together. After pressing this key, you can take a screenshot of the content on the screen there. After pressing this key, the screenshot is saved on the desktop.

Similarly, if you press the command, shift, and 4 keys, you can select a certain area with the cursor and take a screenshot.

Similarly, you can record the screen along with taking a screenshot by pressing Command, Shift, and 5.

Open a new tab

You can press Command+T to easily open a new tab in the browser. If you need to open a new page immediately, you can use this option.

to make full screen

If you are looking at any app, website, or document on a small screen and want to make it full screen immediately, you have to press the Control, Command, and 'F' keys.

Shortcut key to creating a new folder in Finder

If you need to create any new folder in Finder, you can press the Shift, Command, and 'N' keys.

 Cut, copy and paste shortcut keys

If you want to cut any content and put it on the clipboard on Mac, you have to press Command and X (Command+X). Similarly, you have to press the command and 'C' key to copy. In this way, you can paste the copied or cut file by pressing the command and 'V' button.