Should not be placed in the same basket as Google, all their digital eggs

Should not be placed in the same basket as Google, all their digital eggs

If our phone is damaged, you may not be very different. Because the phone can be made. Even if it can be purchased new can be purchased. But what would happen to Google Account Bug?

We are using various services of Google (Google, Google Search, Google Map). It is a positive way to get rid of these various services that are useful in our diary. But, if Google Account is built?

If one is a aspect of depending on the one Google account for various services, there is a risk of the risk of it. Today, we are not dependent on Google account for each service except every service for each service to be kept in a digital egg to put down in the basket.

The problem that can come when you depend on Google for various means

Just as we imagine our phone breaks, we have to suffer Google Account to Google Account. What if you are our Google Account Hack?

If some reason is lost or not, if it does not get access to it, if not get access to it, there will be many parts of our digital life. If Google Account lost, unless we get access to it, we will have access to a gun, neither holds our grip in yo.

In the same way, the file placed in Google Drive is disappeared, even the photo of backups in Google Photos. In addition, we are relying on Governing for various service.

For example, you are also linked to Google Account with various social schools such as Facebook, tickpocket, Twitter.

Restrictions on the account when Google can wear

If we take any work against Google's policy, Google restrictions on our account. It is not appropriate to depend on Google for everything we understand because of the poor we do not have to be banned due to mistakes.

Google are examples of the ban on ban on account. If you are not satisfied with Google, the company can ban you at any time.

This is the right to the Google to repealed the account of the user account. If Google is banned on your account, it can lead to great distress you.

So what now do you do?

It is surprising that I look for a smartphone using smartphone. Microsoft's Forest Drive and Outlook can be appropriate in the option of various services of Google.

Even for browsing we can use the platform other than Google Chrome. For example, you can use a browser as Microsoft Edge, Brave. You have to look for a choice than depending on the same platform for all services for all services.

You may not find a choice of all service, even if you searched for some of Golan service. It is the best option to keep the Google account safe. If the Google Account is possible, it can be free from the hurry. There are different ways to keep Google account safe.

Tuctor utensitions can be used to keep various online accounts safe, including Google. This gives you Google order to go to Google Enroll. If you have done to Factor Items on your absence, no one can access your account in your absence.

Another way is to use Google's password manager. The password of every sensory accounts of all our sensitive accounts in Google are saved. If Google Account has been hacked or someone else reach the access of others, our sensitive account falls into the hands of others.

You may need to wash your hands with other services in this such a Google Service. Therefore, Google password can be used other applications like other apps in manage of manager's option.

In the same way, you can be tempted to the next another to another account to protect the emails safe safely. Even if a Google Account is lost, too, we can easily protect the emails to them in the next account.

Our photos and files are going back to Google Photos or Google Drive, so important files, photo and data should be back on other cloud platform. Now how you can be backloaded by downloading the data of the Search data. For that, you can click here by clicking here by clicking on your various data on Google.

In the iPhone use of users in theVPN in danger

Most user uses virtual profit networks (VPN) for the user muscle. However, a report has brought out the fact that all the wipn service is being sold in Apple's Io.

News Portal 'Apple Insider' quoted a Rapain that he did not work on the IoS.

In the report, it has been a long-time security reduction (bug) and that it was stopping the WPA from engrying fully in control. Also, the default has claimed that apple is more important to knowing about 2020 about this weakness.

This safety weakness was first discovered by the named 'Protone Bhopen' on March 2020. According to the O companies, the operating system should be stopped all the Internet connections. There will be then connect to Bhphen to prevent uncrypt data to leak.

IOS 13.3.1 and the following version do not turn off the connection of the Device connected in the area, which is using insecure connection in the assets before using the VPN.

Thousands of so BhPN company said that the people of the common people were monitored and violated civil rights were the biggest risks.

Similarly, computer consulting and blogger Michael Michael Horitis said this security weakness is still in the quake. Using the analyzed in detail while using VPN in IOS in an IoS states that the significant data was loaked.

Horotus said that Horwitts have observed this data using various wipped in his ipad.

"First it seems to have worked well," he says, "

Horrottitus stopped taking care of this security weakness after a while, he stopped raising voice.

"I only wanted to do it or not," he says, "I am not so interested in detailing this problem. This is a job left for Apple. "

He said that Horologists have tried many times to discuss this between Apple, including Apple, including Apple and the infrastructure security agency.

"In today's case, I don't see any reason for believing in the IOS," My suggestions are appropriate to connect to RPN CLIENT SOFT SOFT. "

The research of Horivitus is focused on the Ground-party WPN. He has not mentioned any questions that Apple 'The ICLOD Private Rilema said.

However, Apple self prize Rile does not consider fully strong functionality.