1 year since the launch of ePassport, did you get it? | Are you buying a TV to watch World Cup football? So take the right decision | Ronaldo became the first person to reach 500 million followers on Instagram, followed by Messi

1 year since the launch of ePassport, did you get it?

It has been a year since the government made electronic passports mandatory. One year after the launch of the new system, more than nine lakh Nepalis living abroad have received electronic passports.

The production and distribution of electronic passports was officially started on November 1 last year. Meanwhile, the Passport Department has extended the range of electronic passport distribution to all district administration offices, 17 local administration offices and 38 diplomatic missions in the country.

In this one year, 334 thousand 500 electronic passports have been issued by the passport department, 416 thousand 805 by 83 district and locality administration offices and 81 thousand 905 by foreign missions.

In order to facilitate the service, the department has made arrangements to pay revenue online, and for other various services, it has also launched a mobile application called Nepal ePassport.

In the meantime, the department has started to identify the middlemen who cheat the service users under various pretexts such as speeding up the passport, moving the appointment date forward, with the joint efforts of the Nepal Police and the service users and sending them to the relevant police offices for necessary investigation and action.

Are you buying a TV to watch World Cup football? So take the right decision

Television is not something that should be bought repeatedly. Since it is a product that will be used for a long time after purchase, it is advisable to think before buying a TV. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to many things before buying a TV.


The first thing to consider before buying any product is the budget. After finalizing the budget, it is easy to decide what kind of TV to buy with what features. It is better to keep a little more budget for buying a good TV. However, good TVs can be found in the market now even in a small budget.

Buying an updated TV can be used for a long time. Five years ago, full HD TVs had arrived. But Live TV was broadcast only in HD quality. Watching YouTube or Netflix was not much. Now we are very updated.

Now most of the live TV is broadcast in HD quality. On top of that, platforms like YouTube or Netflix have started to be preferred over live TV on TV. In which materials of different resolution are available. Therefore, if you are going to buy a TV for the next five years, it is better to buy a TV with a different resolution.

Both smart and non-smart types of TVs are available in different resolutions. YouTube, Netflix and many other applications can be used by connecting to the Internet on a smart TV. You can also enjoy the game. Similarly, even though the non-smart TV size has the same resolution, the smart TV is a bit more expensive. And the non-smart TV is a bit cheaper. Non-smart TV is fine for places where there is no internet. Even if you have access to the internet later, you can make a smart TV by buying a smart device worth 3,400.

Now in Nepal, there are TVs priced from 10,000 to 6 lakhs. Which has features and quality according to the budget. When buying a TV, it is advisable to go with a good one to understand the price. Now you can see the price of which TV online at home. It is not difficult to get information about its features and characteristics. Therefore, it is better to study and understand the price before buying a TV. If the budget is a little low, you can also look at options to make it smart by buying a non-smart TV.

The display size of the TV

After deciding the budget, the next question is what size TV to buy. If you want to buy for home, it is suitable to buy TVs from 32 inches to 58 inches. Or you can decide the size of the TV by looking at the room where you keep the TV. Because it is difficult to watch a big TV in a small room. Similarly, if the room is big and the TV is small, it will not be fun.

If your living room is medium and you have to watch from a distance of 4 to 5 feet, then a 32-inch TV is fine for you. But if you are used to watching TV from a distance of more than 5 feet and the house is also big, then it is better for you to buy a TV between 50 and 58 inches. For small families, it is better to buy a TV smaller than 32 inches.


Now in Nepal, TVs with SD, HD, Full HD, FarK and ATK resolution are available. SD has 480/640 pixels. HD has 720/1280 pixels. Full HD has 1080/1920 pixels. Similarly, FarK has 2160/3840 pixels while ATK has 4320/7680 pixels.

For those who understand, the more pixels, the better the pixel quality. Full HD quality content looks fine on a 24 or 32 inch TV. But SD or HD content looks a bit dim. Live TV is broadcast in HD quality, for which it works even if you get a TV with full HD quality resolution.

But if you want to use YouTube or Netflix and you want to be sure for a few years, it is better to buy a TV with a different resolution. For now, there is no need to accept ATK or Ultra HD. Because now the contents of ATK resolution are not made much.

If you are thinking of getting a TV larger than 40 inches, it is better to get one with a higher resolution. If you are looking to get up to 32 inches, it does not matter if you get a full HD TV. No, the budget is low and there is no internet connection, if you only want to watch live TV, it doesn't matter if you buy a HD resolution TV.

operating system

TVs with different operating systems are available in the market, including Android TV, WebOS, Tizen, etc., depending on the TV brand. If you are buying a TV with Android OS, it is appropriate to pay attention to whether it has a new version or not. The features like Cramecast, Google Assistant etc. in Android seem to be better than some other operating systems. But WebOS and Tizen also have their own characteristics. Browsing and reports are very easy to use on TVs with WebOS, while Tizen is equally popular. If you are buying a non-smart TV, there are also setup boxes available to make it a smart TV.

Refresh rate

Just like there is a refresh rate in a mobile phone, there is also a refresh rate in the TV. The higher the refresh rate, the better the TV experience. If you play games or watch fast action movies on TV, it is better to get a TV with a high refresh rate. But if you only watch normal content on TV, if you don't play games, a TV with a refresh rate of up to 60 Hz is suitable.

If you want to play games on TV, not only the refresh rate, but also the connection and parts should be taken care of. The TV has USB and HDMI ports. But you have to take care whether they are new version or not. For now, it is better to choose a TV with USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.0 in the market.

If you want to make the TV a mini theater, you should also see if there is an HDMI art part or not. If you want to play games or run many applications on the TV, you should also be aware of RAM and storage. Most TVs have only one or two GB of RAM. It also works well, but if you play games, it is better to buy a TV with 4 GB RAM. But it will be expensive. Similarly, for wireless connection, you don't have to regret buying dual-band Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth 4 or 5. When buying a TV with dual band support, even if there is no LAN connection for the Internet, if the router is dual band, there is no buffer (stuck in the middle). Similarly, when there is a new version of Bluetooth, it works effectively.

The one that many people prefer is the LED TV. However, OLED and QLED TVs are also available. But QLEDs are a bit more expensive than LEDs. If we talk about quality, QLED is better than LED. If you have a tight budget, it doesn't matter much if you get LED.

And when you watch TV, the picture quality is very good, but if there is no sound to match the picture quality, you will not enjoy watching it. So it is important to see what the audio is like. The sound of TVs with software like Double Atmos is good to some extent. But if you want to get the experience of a mini theater, only TV speakers and software may not be enough. A separate sound bar is ideal for that.

The contrast level of the TV also makes a difference in the picture quality of the TV. The contrast ratio always determines how bright the TV will output (brightness). The higher the contrast ratio, the brighter the TV output. Contrast ratio determines how white objects appear white and how black objects appear black in the video.

Finally, after buying a TV, you should never forget about the warranty card. If you buy a TV keeping these things in mind, it will be very easy for you.

Ronaldo became the first person to reach 500 million followers on Instagram, followed by Messi

 Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first person to reach more than 500 million followers on Instagram. Ronaldo's Instagram account crossed 500 million followers on Monday morning.

In an interview with British broadcaster Piers Morgan, Ronaldo mentioned that he does not follow the record, but the record follows him. Within a short time of giving the interview, his Instagram account reached more than 500 million followers.

Following him, another footballer, Lionel Messi, is in second place with 376 million followers. Recently, these two players shared a photo (advertisement) sitting with each other and it became very viral.

Ronaldo has now become the most followed person on social media with 3 million followers within a day of posting the photo. Last year, he had a total of 500 million followers on various social media accounts.

Currently, Ronaldo has 155 million followers on his Facebook page and 105 million followers on Twitter.