What is the refresh rate of mobile? Why is it necessary?

What is the refresh rate of mobile? Why is it necessary?

If you are a smartphone user, you must have heard the term 'refresh rate'. Even if you don't pay much attention to this word, it plays an important role in the phone.

Mobile manufacturers are making the refresh rate a unique selling point. After all, what is the refresh rate? What is the benefit of having a higher refresh rate on the device? Today we are giving information on this matter.

You must have noticed that when you operate some phones, you don't even feel like you are touching the screen, while on some phones, it takes time to go from one page to another page on the screen, no matter how much you touch it.

Similarly, while using some mobile phones, it is experienced that it runs fast, and when every page is opened, it does not know that a new page has been opened. However, while using some phones, there is a slow running experience. Another page is seen on the screen, but the page is loading slowly.

Similarly, even when swiping the screen, it is clear that the page has changed. This is all the work of Refreshrate.

Refresh rate means how many images per second your phone's display updates or refreshes on the screen.

For example, if a device has a 60 Hz refresh rate, it means that the image on the screen of that device is updated 60 times per second.

How clear the image is on the phone screen also depends on the refresh rate. The more the phone is refreshed, the smoother it is. The importance of refresh rate is more for those who play video games on the phone. When playing a video game on a device with a higher refresh rate, it feels like playing a real game. However, when playing the same game on a device with a low refresh rate, the same online game feels like a cartoon.

Refreshrate also affects motion blur in fast-moving scenes. The more refreshes, the clearer the image and the less blur. Another reason this is important in gaming is that the slower the image refresh, the more the amount of blur will increase. This makes the gaming experience worse.

How many Hz refresh rate your device supports depends on the phone's hardware and software. Various modern devices such as monitors, televisions and smartphones have an option to increase the refresh rate. On a Windows PC, you can decrease or increase the refresh rate by going to Display Settings and using Advanced Display Settings.

Note that refresh rate is not important in all cases. For example, if you are watching a YouTube video, the content is running at 24 to 60 frames per second. This means that even with a 120 Hz refresh rate on the phone, the content of YouTube looks like it has a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Generally speaking, refresh rate is considered an important aspect for the display of the device. Because when the refresh rate is high, you can get a quality image experience on the device. Having a high refresh rate makes gaming or fast moving content on the device more clear and smooth.

Thus, a device with 240 Hz refresh rate has arrived in the market. 240 Hz refresh rate can be found in Sharp Aquos Zero 2.

Buying a phone with a higher refresh rate consumes more battery. So you can purchase it after checking how much refresh rate you need according to your needs. A refresh rate of 90 Hz is generally considered good these days.