10 features of Google Docs that will make you want to use them again and again after using them once

 10 features of Google Docs that will make you want to use them again and again after using them once

There are many lesser-known features in Google Docs that once you know them, you will always want to use them. From creating documents quickly to writing without distraction, Google Docs has it all.

Today we are telling you about those secret features.


Create new docs instantly


You don't have to go to Google Drive or Docs every time to open a new blank document. Just type a few letters in the browser to save your time and get the job done.

For that, type DOC dot new (doc.new) in English in the search bar of any browser and press enter. Immediately, a new document opens in the Google account you are using. Where you can work.


Tool Finder


Knowing which tools are where in Docs can be a daunting task for new users. But as a solution to this problem, Google has given 'Tool Finder' in Docs. It is much easier to use than to manually go through each menu and find out what tools are available.

From this you can find all the tools in the menu bar. Click on the 'Help Menu' above to use the Tool Finder. Then click on 'Search the Menus' that appears. From there you can find the tool you need.

Or you can also press Alt+backslash (Alt+/) to access the Tool Finder. Now the tool finder will appear in the upper left part of the screen. There you can type the name of the tool you need.


Pageless format


Pages open in Google Docs by default. The page can be used to see how the document will look when printed. However, not everyone prints documents in this digital age.

If you just want a digital file, you don't need that many pages in Docs. This way you can work in a pageless format when creating a document.

For this, go to the File menu and go to Page Setup. Click the Pageless tab there and select 'OK'. But doing so only leaves the document you are working on in pageless format.

But if you want all the documents you work with to be in this format, you can select 'Set as default' here.




You have to read documents in other languages, but if you don't know that language, don't worry about Google Docs. To solve this problem, Google has provided an in-built translation feature in Docs.

For this you need to go to 'Translate Document' in the Tools menu. After that, in the dialog box that appears, you will be given the option to select different languages. Now after clicking on 'Translate', the translated document will open in a new tab.


Explore tool


Whether you need content outside of the document you're working on, need to revisit what you've already written, need images, the Explore tool is useful for all of these. This tool helps to search outside (Internet and Google Drive) while working on the document.

To use it, you have to go to the Tools menu and go to Explore. Apart from this, you can also access the tool by clicking Control, Alt, Shift and I (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I) together.

This tool comes on the left side of the screen. You can write what you need in it. Similarly, you can search by clicking on web, image and drive only in that place.


Automatic mark down


When you are working on a document, sometimes you need to make it bold, sometimes you need to underline it. You have to use the mouse every time for such common tasks. But that work can be done in a few moments with the automatic mark down tool.

With this you can change the format of your letters based on the input. It may take some time to learn to use it. Once you get the hang of it, it will save you a lot of time.

To access it, go to Preferences within the Tools menu. There are various options, now click on the one you need and press 'OK'.


Double full screen


This feature is the best option if you want to be able to concentrate while working on a document without any interruptions. For this, go to the View menu and click on Full Screen.

Then click on the three dots on the top right. After this, the browser settings will open. Now click on Zoom from the various options there.

Or you can also click function key 11 (F11). After doing this you will not see some options in your document. But the screen is full of documents. Now to return to the previous state, after pressing Escape (Esc) key, press F11.


Google Photos


Sometimes a photo while working is also required. In this case, you can directly use your photos in Google Photos. For this you must have downloaded the Google Photos app on your phone.

Also, it should have automatic photo sync. For this, go to the Insert menu and click Image. Now go to Photos from the various options that come there. Then you will be able to see the photos on the right side of the screen.



While creating a document, sometimes such words come, the meaning of which is not known. When such a situation occurs, you either turn to the dictionary or search for its meaning online.

But the dictionary feature of Google Docs doesn't have to do any of that. To run the dictionary in Docs, go to the Tools menu. For this you can also press Control, Shift and Y (Ctrl+Shift+Y) together. Dox's dictionary provides pronunciation, meaning, and synonyms for words.


Automatic Substitution


If you have sentences that you have to write over and over again, you can save time by using the automatic substitution feature. Using this feature you can create a short form of any sentence.

As you type, Docs automatically creates complete sentences. To use this feature, go to Preferences within the Tools menu. Now click on the substitution tab there.

There, write the short form of the sentence you want in the left part and the full form in the right part. After that, if you click on 'OK', this work will become automatic.