Deep Fake Video App, Technology: AI Tool, What is Deep Fake Technology?

 Deep Fake Video App, Technology: AI Tool, What is Deep Fake Technology?

Technology like artificial intelligence was invented to help people, but now it has started to be misused, which used to affect ordinary people, but now the big leaders and actors of the world are also affected by it. have been Let's know on this page how deepfake technology works and what is deepfake technology.

What is Deep Fake Technology?

This is a technology that is used to set the face of any other person or celebrity on a person's photo or video, and when such a photo or video is released, it is It seems like the person appearing in the photo/video is a famous celebrity, but in reality he is not, only his face is used on someone else's body/face.

Deep Fake Video Maker

For information, we want to tell you that by DeepFake TechnoLogy such algorithms and patterns are studied, which are used to make changes in the existing photo or video to make it even more real. In this way, people easily trust the videos that are made by this type of technology and cannot differentiate between real and fake videos or photos.

Deep Fake Video Latest News

Recently, through this technology, a DeepFake Video of Bollywood and South's beautiful actress Rashmika Mandana is being shared a lot on the net, on which Rashmika Mandana herself had to come forward and give a clarification. Want to tell that, DeepFake TechnoLogy uses Generative Adversarial Networks.

Rashmika Mandana Deep Fake Video

The deep fake video of Rashmika Mandana, who is included in the list of the most beautiful actresses, is going viral on social media in the country. The link to which is here, although Rashmika Mandana is not in the video, but there is another girl in her place, whose face has been removed and Rashmika Mandana's face has been replaced and people are thinking that this type of video is Rashmika Mandana's video. are This video is a bit vulgar. That's why people are directly commenting on Rashmika's ID.

How and when did deepfake technology start?

The term deepfake was coined in the last month of 2017 by a Reddit user. Deep learning technology was used by this user to superimpose the faces of some popular people, so that he could make dirty videos of them, which are called porn videos. When this phenomenon came to light, other people also became aware of this technology and around 2018, the technology became easy to use due to open source libraries and tutorials shared online, and around 2020 around the world. Most people became familiar with this technology and started using it in their own way.

How to identify deepfake videos

If you also want to identify a deepfake video or photo at your level, then you have to notice whether there is any significant change in the video or photo. Especially you have to pay attention to the movement of hands and feet in the video. If you find anything strange in it, then maybe that video was created by deepfake technology. There are also some platforms that include a watermark for artificial intelligence generated content, which indicates that the content was created using artificial intelligence. So you should check such symbol or disclaimer carefully.

Deep Fake Video AI Tool

There are many artificial intelligence tools available on the internet these days. Like AI or Not and Hive Moderation etc. Content created by artificial intelligence can be identified through this type of tool. Apart from this, there is a tool called Deepware Scanner, which you can use to detect Deepfack of any photo or video. Apart from this, you will find many tools on the internet.

Tech companies are working to reduce deepfakes

Continuous experiments are being done to identify deep fake photos and videos, because this technology has now started to be misused by some drivers, of which actress Rashmika Mandana has also become a victim in India. Policy makers and large technology companies are working to raise awareness about this technology and are actively working to find ways to address its potential misuse.


Q: When was deep fake technology developed?

Ans: 1990

Q: What is the deepfake video detection tool?

Ans : Deepware Scanner

Q: Can deep fake videos be made with artificial intelligence?

Ans: Absolutely

Q: Can deepfake technology be misused?

Ans: Yes!