An American company made a machine that extracts water from moving air

 An American company made a machine that extracts water from moving air

The Consumer Electronics Show, one of the world's largest technology fairs held in Las Vegas, USA, in 2024, more than 4,000 companies from around the world are presenting new technologies, products and prototypes.

The first two days of this exhibition, which ran from January 9 to 12, were dominated by television and electric vehicles. From transparent television to electric vehicle models with new technology were announced at the exhibition. Apart from that, various other interesting technologies have been presented in the show, of which three technologies are:

A device for making water from air

The American company Genesis System presented the Water Cube at the exhibition on Tuesday. This device, which looks like a large microwave oven, makes water from air.

According to the company's claim, this device will prove to be very important in solving the water crisis in remote areas of the earth. This machine is claimed to produce 450 liters of water in 24 hours. However, it is said that this machine will work well only in humidity more than 40 percent and temperature above 15 degrees Celsius.

Throat screeching fan

Torus, a well-known company that makes mobile covers, has launched a personal neck fan called Coolify.

It can be very useful for music connoisseurs and wanderers. This device, which fits around the neck like a neckphone, can play songs and also receive cool air from the fan. According to the torus, air is released at high speed from many small blowers in it.

X Peng's Flying Car

Chinese car manufacturer Xpeng has introduced a flying car named AeroHT.

The commercial production of this car will start from 2025. For this, the company will start ordering from the third quarter.

Bill Gates Projection: This is how AI will change our lives in the next 5 years

It is well known that the billionaire Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has a positive opinion about artificial intelligence technology. But he went one step further and predicted the transformative effects this technology will have on our lives in the next 5 years.

According to him, AI will be transformative for everyone in the next 5 years. The emergence of artificial intelligence technology has increased the fear of losing tens of millions of jobs worldwide. According to the International Monetary Fund, AI could affect 40% of the world's jobs.

Perhaps Gates also does not disagree with this belief. But what he believes is that history has shown that every new technology brings new opportunities along with fear.

In an interview with CNN's Farid Zakaria on Tuesday, Gates predicted that AI will make life easier for all people. It will help the doctors to edit their paper work (which they don't like to do) and the work will be done in a very efficient manner.

Bill Gates says, 'Since there is no need for new hardware, people will be able to access AI from their existing phones or computers already connected to the Internet.

He said that the improvement of the chat GPT-4 developed by Open AI is also dramatic: it can write and read. So it's like having a self-employed worker who can do everything, who can teach, give health advice, write code and even call for technical support.

According to him, if this technology can be adjusted in the education and health sector, it will bring amazing results. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in Open AI, the maker of the AI chatbot, ChatGipity. And, Gates is one of the largest shareholders of Microsoft.

Talking to CNN's Zakaria during the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos, Gates said: The purpose of the Gates Foundation is to greatly reduce the gap between the time it takes people in poor countries to receive benefits and the time it takes to reach rich countries.

Speaking about the impact of AI, he says, "In 1900, when we had agricultural production as the main sector, what else would people do?" said. But after that many new things and many types of new jobs were created. And, now we have reached a much better situation than that time when all of us were engaged in agriculture. The changes brought by AI in the future will also be similar.

Now even Android users can make audio-video calls from X

A much awaited feature has been launched on social media platform X.

The audio and video calling feature, which has been being tested on X for a few months, has finally been officially released for all Android users.

Along with this, Android users of X have already started receiving the update of this new feature. It is said that this feature will be available to other users within a few days. But for the time being it will be available only for the subscribers of X Blue i.e. paid X users.

According to Enrique Barragan, the developer of X, all ordinary X users will be able to receive calls made by other people on their X platform. But to call yourself, you have to be a premium user.

If you are also a premium user of X and want to make audio and video calls from that platform, update the X app on your mobile.

If this feature becomes available, then go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Direct Messages and activate this feature.

Remember X released this feature for iOS users last October.

This feature added to X may not be very new when the audio and video call facility is available in all social media apps including WhatsApp and Messenger. However, according to analysts, this work of Elon Musk, who is moving towards the goal of making X an entire app, is an important step in that direction.