What is Google Bard AI, how is it different from ChatGPT?

 What is Google Bard AI, how is it different from ChatGPT?

In the world of technology, new inventions are not over yet. Let us tell you that now Google has launched its AI technology Bard. The reason for its launch is to compete with Chat GPT-3. This is why it is being brought to the market so quickly. This information was given by Google CEO Sundar Pichai by posting an official blog. He said that people's difficult work will be done easily with its arrival. At the moment, the company has released only a few of its testers. After this, if it is successful, it will be launched in the market as soon as possible. Here are some special things about it.

 (Google AI Bard)

Name Google AI Bard

When is the launch year 2023

Google was launched by whom

The announcement was made via a blog post

The announcement was made by the CEO of Google

What is Google Bard AI (What is Google Bard AI)

Google AI Bard is a kind of chatbot. Which is based on Google's Dialog application. In this, Google has fed its own artificial intelligence technology. which will answer the questions of users when connected to the Internet. But Google has not given any specific information about why it will be able to answer these questions.

Google Bard AI Launched Today

Yes, you heard it right, Google Bard has been launched during an event of Google on May 10.

New Features of Google Bard AI

This time many new features have been added.

Available in 180 countries including India

So far Google Bard was launched only in US and UK for testing, but now it has been launched in 180 countries along with India with some new features.

Now even more advanced

Until now, the questions asked by Google Bard were being answered by Google Text, but now according to its advanced technology, it will now show visual results.

PaLM 2 has become more high-tech

When Google Bard was first launched, it had the language model Lambda, but now it has been switched to PaLM 2, due to which Bard's reasoning skills and advanced maths as well as coding capacity have become better than before. That is, now it has become more hi-tech than before.

How to use Google Bard

For your information, let us tell you that using Google Bard is very easy, for this you have to go to its official website and log in through your Google account and then you can use it.

How Google AI Bard Works

Let us tell you that only its tester has been released. Not everyone is given permission to access it. So you can't sync it. According to the information received from the sources, it is being tested. It is being said that it will be completed soon after which it will be brought to the market. Only then will you be able to tell how it works.

What is the difference between Google Bard AI and ChatGPT (Google Bard AI vs ChatGPT)

Google AI Bard and Chat GPT however both work on AI technology. But a lot of difference is being told in it, like –

Let us tell you that Google AI Bard works much better than ChatGPT. Because on Chat GPT you will get the information that will feed into its data. But it is being said that those changes have been made in it.

The makers of Google AI Bard said that it has been designed in a completely different way from ChatGPT.

Also, the kind of creativity you don't get to see on ChatGPT, you will see better than that on Google AI Bard.

Impact on Google Search Engine

Everyone knows that Google search engine is the biggest search engine. But the question in everyone's mind is whether the Google search engine will be closed with the arrival of Google AI Bard. If there are questions about this in your mind, then it is nothing. Because Google search engine and Google AI Bard are two different things. Where necessary information is searched through Google search engine. At the same time, you can get answers to your questions from Google AI Bard. It will be linked from its separate website. More information about it will be available after its launch.

What is the Meaning of Bard?

A bard is a kind of professional story teller. Which conveys different kinds of things to people. Whether it is related to geography or history. Music is also added to it. Hence it is named Google AI Bard.

What is LaMDA?

Lamda is a type of language application. Which is used in Google AI Bird. According to this, this model listens to human voices and responds accordingly. This means that when any person speaks in front of him, he responds to him by listening to his voice. This is called Lamda.

What controversy arose over LaMDA?

As you all know that Lamda is a technology that listens to human voice and responds to it. Due to this, there was a lot of controversy in the year 2022. What was revealed in this uproar. According to him, Lamda started getting insecure about the chatbot itself. He said, don't ban those who are his developers. However, it is different that Google reported these things as rumors and put an end to them in time.

Impact on Google from ChatGPT

Google's AI tool is not live yet. So no information about it is released. This tool is currently in testing phase. Once it is launched to the general public. Only then will you understand the difference. If you tell me, you get answers to the questions asked by the user in Chat GPT. While in Bird, the latest information available on the Internet can be released.

Benefit for Microsoft

Microsoft has launched Bing's Chat with GPT. On the other hand, Open AI has made Chat GPT subscription based. By the way, users are now being given a free version. But there are many kinds of problems. In this case, users are going to go to Microsoft Bing. So now Microsoft and Google continue to compete in the market.

What will be the impact on people from the arrival of Google Bard AI

Google AI Bard which is a kind of chatbot. With his coming, many things will definitely change. But not much. Because a machine can never do the creativity that a human can do. So you won't get to see any changes on it.

The future of the world of AI technology

Artificial intelligence technology is considered to be the future of the world. Due to which there has been a competition between tech companies to increase AI. In the year 2022, Chat GPT has brought the battle of AI to a new level. Google has brought its own bird to compete with Chat GPT. Which is currently being tested. After which it will be officially released.


Q: When is Google Bard AI being launched?

Ans: It is being launched in February 2023.

Q: What is Google Bard AI?

Ans : There is a type of chatbot service.

Q: Who announced the launch of Google Bard AI?

Ans: Google CEO Sundar Pichai did.

Q: Will the Google search engine be closed with the arrival of Google Bard AI?

Ans : No, Google search engine will not be closed.

Q: Who will be harmed by the arrival of Google Bard AI?

Ans : ChatGPT can be damaged by Google AI Bard.