Facebook fined Rs 710 million for sharing user information

Facebook fined Rs 710 million for sharing user information

In South Korea, Facebook has been fined by an organization that protects the personal information of its citizens.

Facebook has been fined  6.06 million, or 714.9 million, for providing information about its 3.3 million citizens to another company without prior notice.

South Korea had formed the Personal Information Protection Commission only last year. According to the commission, there are a total of 18 million Facebook users in South Korea. Of that, 3.3 million Facebook users have been given information to other companies, including evidence that Facebook has been taken action.

The commission has stated that Facebook has been providing such data since 2012. The commission said Facebook had sent the letter to Ireland. He called the Facebook activity a "criminal activity" and called for an investigation.

"We've been supporting the investigation from the beginning," said a Facebook spokesman. Information on this subject can be given only after receiving the letter. '