Somewhere Nepali user data is not being sold?

Somewhere Nepali user data is not being sold?

We don't care how important our personal information is. That's why if someone asks for a mobile number if someone asks for personal information, we will provide it easily.

What is the purpose of this information? This question is something that only a few of us have been thinking about. We wonder what anyone can do with my mobile number, my name, my email.

Maybe he won't harm your personal life. However, someone may be trading on the data you provide. Because this is the world of data. There is a big battle for data as the world can be controlled.

So you think, otherwise, when you wake up in the morning and open your mobile, you want to go abroad? Come teach us IELTS, want to buy a car? Why is the message coming that we are giving a discount?

Where is the person who is sending the message receiving your mobile number from? Some of them may be messages from the company that provided the number at your discretion. However, some of them are completely unrelated to you and even the message is coming to your mobile.

Messages from related companies may not make much difference to you. But, if you are not affiliated with any company. You have no connection with the company. If you have not given the mobile number to that company, then it is questionable where he got my information from.

Such messages coming through mobile numbers and shortcode numbers of five numbers have started to annoy many mobile users.

Yes, it is natural for the government to provide such information. Everyone must have access to information provided to the citizens of the country.

The message that comes in such a situation also has some meaning. But, here comes the festive offer of Hyundai car, there is a big discount on the offer. An exchange offer is running on Honda's bikes. Lockdown, now we're feeding you sweet food, it's 'Love Month'. Come and celebrate Valentine's Day with a good breakfast.

It may be okay to send this message to a couple, but what happens if it reaches a person who has been betrayed in love?

But, how is such an unrelated message coming? This means that your information is definitely being traded.

Many of us, be it ourselves or our relatives and friends, must have checked the result of SEE through mobile messages. If you check the result of SEE today through mobile SMS, within a few days, you will get a message with the advertisement for 'Plus Two' college. In which the environment of the college is good, there are good teachers, you are sent that such a percentage discount is available.

You live in a village. He has not reached any college in the city to date. But you are getting a message from college.

What does this mean? You checked the result from the message a few days ago. The service provider whose message you are using is collecting your mobile number and name and providing data to advertise the school. Even though the data is not available, he is doing business with the college and sending messages on your mobile.

This is just one example. You are a bank user. A birthday message comes from the cake shop asking you to cooperate with the bank.

Suppose now your name, your date of birth, your mobile number are all being misused there. After Covid-19, some hospitals were giving information on their mobiles saying that the Covid-19 post-Covid package was available.

Receiving messages from unrelated places in this way definitely means that data of Nepali users is being sold in Nepal. Santosh Sigdel, a legal expert in the field of information technology, says, "The law on regulating advertising has addressed the issue of not being allowed to advertise on mobile phones and emails without the consent of the user." But now it comes to data protection.

What is the information we provide to a company using for a purpose? It is necessary to legally address the issue of whether he can use the information obtained for such purposes for other purposes.

Such incidents are seen to be related to more private companies in Nepal. Tank Aryal, another legal expert, says the government needs to enact stricter laws prohibiting the use of user information for any purpose other than related.

According to him, a separate law related to data protection is needed for that. If it can be addressed legally, the user's data can be protected. Otherwise, it is always a trade-off of user data.

In other countries, data protection is considered an important issue. The US Telephone Consumer Protection Act stipulates that such messages cannot be sent to mobile phones without the customer's consent. Even if a person has provided a mobile number and has a connection with the business, there must be a written agreement to send such advertisement messages.

Otherwise, such messages cannot be sent. Similarly, according to Canada's anti-spam law, if someone does message marketing, they have to follow three provisions. In which written approval has to be taken from the person receiving the message. The message should be sent to reveal the identity of the second sender. You should also be given the option to unsubscribe from the message.

Leaving Android and running iPhone? Here's how to transfer your data and contacts

If you are preparing to run iPhone from Android, then it is natural to want to know how to transfer data and contact numbers from Android to iPhone.

Just because you are moving from Android to iPhone does not mean that you will leave photos, videos, numbers and other data on Android.

Of course, due to the iPhone having its own ecosystem, data cannot be transferred from Android as easily as you think. However, with the help of an app developed by Apple itself, you can make your data transfer easier.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone?

First of all, download the Move to iOS app from the Google Store and give this app access to your data. After installing the app, if the required permissions are not granted, the app will not work.

After downloading the app on Android, while adjusting other settings on your iPhone, go to the 'App and Data Screen' option and select the 'Move data from Android' option.

Then comes a code on the iPhone, iPad or iPad. Set that code on your Android phone. After this, local WiFi is connected to both the phones. For this, Wi-Fi must be turned on in both the phones.

After connecting to WiFi, Android phone comes with the option called Transfer Data, which contains lists of various data such as phone numbers, photos, videos and other lists. Data can be easily transferred by clicking on the list you want.

However, one of the disadvantages of this is that if you do not select and transfer data now, you will not be able to transfer data later through the same process. For this you need to reset your iPhone. Therefore, it is advisable to transfer the required data at once.

Do not close the 'Move to iOS' app until the selected data is completely transferred. Your data determines how long it takes to transfer.

Once the data is completely transferred, you can use your data on the iPhone by completing the setup.

The problem appeared on Twitter, the company is solving it

There is a problem on the social network Twitter. Thousands of users have complained that their tweets have not been deleted and that the tweets they have posted have not appeared in the timeline. Similarly, some users are getting the message 'Something Oint Color, Try Reloading'.

Of the affected users, 78 percent are Twitter users on the web and the rest are mobile app users. Of which, there are more Android users.

The company said that a study is underway and a solution will be found soon.

Here's how to view deleted messages on WhatsApp

Sometimes we delete messages that we have already sent to WhatsApp. When there is a typing error, when we send a message to another, we delete the urgent message. As a result, the person receiving such a message cannot read it.

Even if he receives a notification that a message has been received, he still sees the message being deleted. In this case, the mind is very open about the message.

WhatsApp has not officially made available the facility to read deleted messages. However, there is a trick to read deleted messages. Which only Android users can use. This means it doesn't work on the iPhone.

How to read a deleted message?

For this, Android users have to use an app called 'Notice'. Although this tactic is correct in many ways, it also has some weaknesses.

This means you have to deal with ads in the app. If you use tree filling, you will get rid of advertising.

Another is that only simple messages can be retrieved. If someone has deleted you by sending a photo, GIF, video, such messages cannot be retrieved.

A 12-year-old boy secretly took Rs 500,000 from his mother's account to play free fire

Nowadays, the number of people interested in online gaming is increasing. Children and adults alike enjoy online gaming. But in the meanwhile, I have been hearing shocking incidents from time to time.

The most recent incident was in Kanker, Chhattisgarh, India. A woman there has lost 322,000 Indian rupees (about 515,000 Nepali rupees) in three months due to online gaming.

The woman lodged a complaint at the police office on suspicion of online fraud after Rs 3.22 lakh went missing while checking her account. Police later found that the money was spent by his 12-year-old son on upgrading the level of the online game Freefire and buying weapons.

According to the report, the account of school teacher Shubhra Pal has been traded 278 times between March 8 and June 10, out of which Rs 3.22 lakh has been withdrawn from her account. Chhaera used to play online games on his fan.

Another important thing is that when he withdrew the money, his mobile phone did not even have the OTP code. Seeing this, the police had launched an investigation on the suspicion of online cheating.

After that, it was learned that his son had spent millions of rupees to play free fire online games and upgrade the level of the game.