Here's how to listen to YouTube videos on your mobile phone without ads

Here's how to listen to YouTube videos on your mobile phone without ads

YouTube is very popular for video and audio content. Most users use YouTube's mobile app for this.

But the YouTube app also stops playing video and audio when the background or screen is off. In this case, some users are resorting to third-party apps. There is a hassle of advertisements coming on YouTube.

But if you are a connoisseur of listening to songs on YouTube and want to enjoy YouTube without ads in the background, today we are telling you an easy way. You can also use the desktop mode in the Google Chrome browser to run YouTube in the background. But the hassle of moving from one mode to another and the hassle of advertising is not viable option.

How to listen to YouTube in the background without ads?

Brave is a very popular web browser lately. Not only does it prevent online advertising, but it is also known for maintaining user privacy by blocking cookies and a variety of trackers.

When you open YouTube in this web browser, ads are blocked by default. It also blocks cookies and trackers.

The mobile app also has a new feature that can be played in the background of videos from YouTube and other websites. But this feature cannot be used by default.

To do this, open the Brave Browser on your mobile phone (click here to download this browser for Android and click here for iOS). Now click on the three-dotted button in the lower right corner of the browser and enter the settings inside.

Scroll down a bit there and turn on the toggle (button) next to 'Background Video Playback'. After doing so, the content will continue to play in the background when you play YouTube and other videos in the Brave browser.

In this way, music and audio/video playing in the background can be forwarded, backed up and played, and paused by going to the notification bar of the mobile as well as accessing the browser directly.

Smartphone manufacturers are thus dishonest to users

Smartphone manufacturers have made several changes to increase the popularity of their products. But at the same time, some things do not seem appropriate.

This means that smartphone manufacturers are doing some dishonest things to attract customers. Today we are going to talk to you about some of the dishonesty that smartphone makers do.

Wrong marketing:

Many smartphone makers misuse marketing to make their products look great. It started with Nokia Lumia 920. In which a video shot from a DSLR can be seen.

Similarly, Huawei also used a DSLR camera for its Nova 3 smartphone. But in marketing, videos and photos taken from DSLR are promoted as if taken from a smartphone.

Advertising on smartphones:

Xiaomi is at the forefront of this kind of mischief. Xiaomi shows a lot of ads on its Redmi Note series smartphones. Which annoys the user.

Most of these smartphones already have free advertising apps. This makes the user experience unpleasant. Not only Naomi but also Realmy and Samsung have recently started placing advertisements on their smartphones.

Headphone jack removal function:

This is not an immediate complaint. Because Apple had removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. The company did this as an innovation in its iPhone. But most users were not happy with the company's performance.

This is one of the worst things a smartphone maker has ever done. Nowadays, almost all flagship smartphones do not have headphone jacks for excellent water resistance and wireless audio technology.

Badness in the benchmark:

Some time ago, Realm changed its smartphone to Realm GT's Antutu benchmark score. Due to which this smartphone was banned on the said platform for three months.

However, Realty is not the only one who has done this kind of mischief. Companies such as OnePlus, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, and Samsung have also been accused of manipulating the benchmark score. Also, some companies are blocking the benchmark app on new smartphones.

Huge discount after going public:

If you are considering, Android smartphones can be found at a great discount shortly after the public. Samsung uses this kind of trick on its Galaxy smartphones.

This kind of strategy of the company is unpopular with the customers who are buying smartphones while it is public. The price of an Android smartphone decreases much faster than that of an iPhone. In this case, when a new Android smartphone is made public, it is advised to wait for some time and buy it only after getting a huge discount.

Improved search filters in Google Drive, making it easier to find files

A new search filter is coming to Google Drive. The company says that this search filter will make it easier for users to search for files on the drive. Named search chips, this feature allows users to search for files from a variety of options, such as file type and last viewed file.

Google Drive still has a search option, but this feature is inside the search bar. The new search filter will be at the top of the drive and will give you more options to search for files. A similar feature was introduced in Gmail last year.

Google has stated that users can apply for this feature now launched as a beta.

The feature will initially be available to users of Google Workspace, the company said.