Now you can't see the dislike number of videos on YouTube

Now you can't see the dislike number of videos on YouTube

YouTube is about to disable the Dislike Count on public videos. YouTube has taken this step intending to prevent 'Dislike Attack' harassment on this video platform which has two billion monthly users worldwide.

Writing a blog post on Wednesday, YouTube noted that the number of people disliking the video has affected the social reputation, security, and respect of the content creator and the person associated with the video.

A recent YouTube survey has also shown that content creators who are just starting out with dislike counts have a greater impact on their mental health.

However, it is possible to indicate that you did not like the video and did not remove the Dislike button. In this way, the creator will be able to count the dislikes in the video separately.

‘Tests have shown that some users dislike videos without watching them at all to see if they can watch the video based on the number of likes and dislikes. So even though some people are unable to make that decision, we are convinced that the steps we have taken are justified, "the blog said in a statement.

Earlier, Facebook and Instagram had surveyed the Reaction feature in 2019. After that, these social networks have released a feature that can disable the like count, saying that it has a serious impact on the mental health of the user.

Twitter has also taken steps to reduce the impact of retweets and likes.

Now you can make money from Facebook group, this is the way

There is good news for you if you run a Facebook group. The company is going to bring a monetization feature for the Facebook group.

Facebook is testing a new tool for this, through which group admins can earn income. The tools being tested include features such as shopping, fundraising, and subscriptions for admins.

According to Facebook, these new features will be very helpful for group admins and they will have three options for monetization.

Money can be raised through Facebook group admin community shops and fundraising. Community Shops is a feature already available on Facebook. Now the group admin will be able to sell merchandise from this too.

Through the fundraising feature, Facebook group admins will be able to raise crowdfunding for any project. The group admin will be able to generate a source of income by asking users and members for money for the expenses required to run the group.

Another feature is the subscription. Paid subgroup (subgroup) is a feature that can be placed in small groups created for a limited number of members within the Facebook group.

This allows users who need additional content to access it by purchasing a user subscription. Subscription money is given to the group admin. There will be an option to create a sub-group in the Facebook group.

This way you can create crowdfunding by creating sub-groups. Facebook wants creators to make money through groups. This will allow admins to pass certain content to the user.

However, not all Facebook groups want this feature. But many groups are still merchandising and raising funds. Facebook will not make this feature public for all groups at once.

The company will gradually make this feature available. Along with the monetization feature, other new features will also come in the Facebook group. In which new customization features will be available.

With the help of which group admin will be able to change the background color, font style, etc. of his group. There will be community chats for Facebook group admins and moderators. With the help of which they will be able to communicate well with each other.

There will also be a new featured section. In which admin contact can be copied. Apart from this, the company is also preparing to test other tools for Facebook pages and groups in the coming days.

Coming up with a 'Take a Break' feature to encourage people not to use Instagram

Meta-owned photo-sharing app Instagram will introduce a feature called 'Take a Break' to encourage its platform not to run for a while. The long-awaited feature is expected to be available in December.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri tweeted about the feature. Posting the video on Twitter, he said the feature could be made public from December.

According to a public screenshot, Instagram users will see an option called 'Take a Break' on their screen. If the user wants, he can go to that option and decide how long he will not run the app.

Don't want anyone to see your WhatsApp profile photo? There are six ways

 WhatsApp is not only the most used messaging app in the world but it is also a social network. Because social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, it also has some similar features.

One of them is the profile picture of WhatsApp. Which appears with your message. In this case, some users may say that their photo is not visible to others. The alternative is to remove the profile photo.

So here we are giving you information on how to delete your WhatsApp profile picture.

To do this, first, open WhatsApp and go to the 'Three Dot' menu at the top right and click on 'Settings'.

Now click on 'Account', go to the 'Privacy' option, and click on 'Profile photo'.

By default, there is an 'everyone' option for your photo to be seen by everyone. Instead, you can choose between 'nowadays, meaning 'no contact', or 'my contact', meaning that only friends in your contact can see it.