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Pandemic restrictions impacted both employee mental wellbeing and physical health, putting wellbeing at the center of many businesses' COVID response. 

Over a third (35%) of employers said remote working was one of the main challenges for their company in keeping up employee engagement since the beginning of the pandemic, according to new research from XpertHR.

Nearly one in ten (9%) said that their current level of employee engagement was was "poor", according to the survey of 220 organizations, collectively employing more than 460,000 people.

As the government confirmed plans to move to Plan B last week, as the Omicron variant spreads, people have been told to again work from home where possible. 

“The call to return to remote working is not a welcome one for many organizations, ending for somewhat was the highly sought-after return to the office, to team building, collaboration and some normality — albeit something of a new normal," said Noelle Murphy, senior HR practice editor at XpertHR.

"However, HR can play a key role in ensuring employee engagement sits at the center of the business response to remote working. Doing so offers an opportunity for businesses that did not fare well during previous calls to work from home where possible to recoup and improve their employee engagement levels."

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Top Tips for E-task service 

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