IBM and Samsung are bringing a phone battery lasting chip for a week

IBM and Samsung are bringing a phone battery lasting chip for a week

Two major technology companies, IBM and Samsung, have jointly designed a new semiconductor. From which the battery of the mobile is said to last up to one week.

The two companies have been studying the subject for a long time. The same study designed a new semiconductor. Named Vertical Transport Field Effect Transistor (VTFET).

Which is said to be more effective than the previous transistor FINFET.

According to the study, the new semiconductor consumes 85 percent less energy than the current semiconductor.

VTFET will pass the electrical current vertically. In that case, IBM has stated that it will reduce the power consumption by increasing the speed of the transistor switch.

Garbage dumping is now monitored by CCTV

448 Weeks of Bagmati River Cleanup Campaign Completed In this campaign, 16,000 metric tons of garbage have been managed by removing it from the river, but the process of dumping garbage in the river has not stopped.

Executive member of Bagmati Civilization Integrated Development Committee Dr. According to Mala Kharel, even though 16,000 metric tons of garbage has been managed from the river, the process of adding garbage has not stopped.

As the river cleaning process will continue and the problem of dumping garbage in the river will not be solved, CCTV will be installed on the river bank and bridge to monitor the dumping work. Although there is a plan to monitor all the rivers in the Kathmandu Valley through CCTV, in the first phase, it will be connected to the Bagmati Bridge.

In the first phase, 11 concrete bridges including suspension bridges from Gokarna to Teku, and many other iron bridges built for pedestrians have been targeted. Spokesperson of the Bagmati Civilization Integrated Development Committee Kamal Aryal said that the study has been started in coordination with the local level and the police.

He said that this work will be carried out in Balkhu, Karmanasa, Vishnumati, Rudramati (Dhobi river), Mahadev river, Dhading, Godavari, Hanumante, and Manohara in the future.

Currently, sewage management is being done in these rivers for cleaning. Stating that the clean-up operation is only a token campaign to raise public awareness, Aryal said that the work of installing CCTV on the river bridge has been taken forward as the river will not be clean until people have easy access to the river bank.

Work has also been started to build green gardens on the banks of the river so that garbage cannot be dumped in the river. He says, ‘The river has not been cleaned as there is a lake for collecting garbage from the river and dumping garbage in the river. He said that they used to throw garbage in the river one morning as they came from motorcycles, bicycles, and motorbikes and walked in the morning.

The committee has been working with the local level for the CCTV campaign. According to spokesperson Aryal, the committee thinks that the financial resources may come from the local level and the committee itself.

"As the committee does not have the authority to punish and take action against the culprits, the local level needs to be sensitive," he said.

Spokesperson Aryal informed that Rs. 14.42 billion has been spent in the last 27 years since the inception of the Bagmati Sanitation Project.

Dhanapati Sapkota, Chief of the Municipal Police Division, requested to take a photo from a mobile phone and lodge a complaint against the dumping of garbage in public places including the river.

He said that the body joint camera worn by the metropolitan police has been deployed in the city police field since Wednesday in connection with the 27th metropolitan day.

According to him, arrangements have been made to monitor the photos taken from the room of the Municipal Police Division. Many such complaints have been penalized but the request to the local level for action has been ignored. It belongs to Kharel.

He says that a lot of garbage is reaching the Thapathali section of the Bagmati River from Ichchhumati (Tukucha) which is connected to the Bagmati River at Thapathali.

Spokesperson Aryal said that they are preparing to send a letter for action as the owner of the garbage has been identified.

This is how toilets are used in space

 What kind of toilet would an astronaut use in space, and how? This is a matter of curiosity for all of us. This topic is one of the most frequently asked questions by astronauts.

Because of the microgravity in space, passengers are flying inside the spacecraft. The issue of how to use the bathroom is of interest to many.

Many astronauts have been making tutorial videos on this subject and making them public on YouTube. Meanwhile, an astronaut and an astronaut have released the actual video.

Japanese billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Mayajawa arrived at the space station as an astronaut for 11 days last week. He has released a video on how to use the toilet and bathroom.


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