How does QR code work? | Ncell's Dashain offer, up to Rs.40 bonus on recharge

How does QR code work?

 If you have made an online payment, you must have seen the QR code. Now it is common to see QR codes in every shop.

Such a QR code looks like a strange pattern. From small tea shops to large departmental stores, QR codes have started to be used for online payments.

If you carry a smartphone and use mobile banking or digital wallet, you must have scanned this QR code. But do you know, what exactly is a QR code? And how does it work?

In fact, the full English form of QR is Quick Response, which means immediate response. This type of code is made in such a way that it can be read immediately.

It is used to convert a particular type of information into a code word. A QR code is actually an advanced version of a barcode. But it has the ability to hold more information than barcodes.

Compared to barcodes, it can work in a much more extended way and faster. QR code was developed in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Japanese subsidiary of car manufacturer Toyota Group.

It was first used to track inventory in the automobile, pharmaceutical and retail industries. At that time it was used for many tasks. You can also share pages using QR codes.

You can create a QR code to share a web page with others from the Chrome browser. For this, first open Chrome browser on your computer. Then go to the page you want to share.

Then click on the address bar above and click on the QR code icon on the right. Then you can copy the QRcode link. Also, you can scan with the camera of another device or save the QR code of the web page as a photo.

Ncell's Dashain offer, up to Rs.40 bonus on recharge

Ncell Aziata Limited has introduced a bonus plan on recharge on the occasion of the approaching Dashain. Under this scheme, every day the customer can get Rs. 100 or more recharges with a maximum of Rs. Can get bonus balance up to 40.

The company has informed that this scheme has been operational since Tuesday. Under this, Ncell customers can pay Rs. 100 will be valid for one day while recharging Rs. 10 will be received as a bonus.

To get the bonus, the customer can recharge any amount and the bonus balance is given every day based on the recharged amount.

Under this scheme, if the customer recharges Rs. 150 once or several times in a day, Rs. 20 as a bonus.

The received bonus amount remains valid for three days. Similarly, the customer can pay Rs. 200 or more if the customer recharges Rs. 40 bonus balance and this bonus amount will be valid for seven days.

Customers can recharge through any means to get bonus under this scheme. The received bonus can be used by the customer to talk, send SMS and surf the Internet within the Ncell network.

For its customers Rs. The company has announced that it has introduced this scheme by ensuring bonus balance on recharges of 100 or more.