How to choose a good laptop? | Instagram steals yet another feature from TikTok

 How to choose a good laptop?

Not only friends and relatives in your life, but also strangers on the Internet are asking you about laptops. In this case, what kind of laptop to buy? Is it better if there is something on the laptop? You may be faced with questions of a nature that are difficult to answer quickly.

On the other hand, if you ask it from another angle, 'What makes a laptop bad?' If it has a battery life of one hour, it cannot be considered good. Having a USB-C port?

That was not good either. If it takes 12 minutes to boot up? not good But the question of which is better is a bit difficult. Because many laptops in the market are designed to address different target groups and usage needs.

If you want an ultraportable laptop to carry around and do a lot, it might be better to have a battery that lasts up to seven hours. But the same thing may not be good for gaming gigs. A discrete GPU might be necessary for a good gaming laptop, but it might not be necessary for a business laptop.

There are laptops in the market with many features like fixed port, screen resolution, refresh rate, keyboard fill, bezel size etc. If you are thinking of buying a laptop for general purposes, keep the below mentioned points in mind.

1. Display with at least 1920x1080: There are still expensive but low resolution laptops being sold in the market. Such models are not good.

2. At least two ports and one headphone jack: Nowadays, there are good laptops in the market with two USB C ports and one headphone jack.

3. Fan that doesn't make loud noise but is running: If five or six tabs are opened in Chrome and the fan starts to sound loud, then it is not a good laptop. However, it can be a matter of debate as to how loud the laptop fan is. But if you are in the office and the sound of the fan is heard even when you are not doing much work on the laptop, then such a laptop is not good.

4. Keyboard backlighting: Keyboard backlighting is very important for those who work late at night.

5. Keys that are at least 1 mm apart: So the preference for a wide keyboard may not apply to everyone. However, a laptop with less than 1 mm distance between the keys is not considered as good.

6. Battery that lasts up to seven hours for general purposes: Laptops with batteries that last more than five hours even at cheap prices have started coming into the market. Therefore, if possible, it is considered good to have a battery that lasts for seven hours or more.

7. Usable processor: Now it is time to stop using Celeron processor in laptops. Even if you don't do very light work on the laptop. Similarly, for some people, Core i3 may not be enough, but for others, this may not be a problem.

8. RAM and Storage: A good Windows laptop should have at least 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

Instagram steals yet another feature from TikTok

In recent times, as users have become more attracted to short videos, the photo sharing platform Instagram has also released a short video platform called Reels on its platform.

Not only this, Instagram is also providing some features like TikTok. Instagram is again going to provide another feature similar to Tiktok.

If you are a Tiktok user and you have used the repost feature on Tiktok, now this feature will also appear on Instagram soon.

International media have mentioned that the company is currently testing the repost feature on its platform as well.

Content posted by other users can be posted in their news feed for their followers to see. This feature is called repost.

Previously, only Instagram stories or direct messages could be shared. Now the company is going to add a feature that can share the content in the news feed by giving it the name Repost.