How to scan photos and documents and share files from Google Drive

How to scan photos and documents and share files from Google Drive

 Google's Google Drive service is very popular all over the world. Its features like storage and photo scanner have made the daily life of some people easier.

Although Google Drive is generally understood for file and data storage, it includes many features. Today we are discussing about its various features.

Through Google Drive, you can scan photos and documents, share files, open files in the drive in other applications. Today we are giving you information about its various features.

1. To scan photos and documents

Old photos or documents can be scanned through this feature of Google Drive. When scanning documents from various third-party applications, watermarks will appear on them, data will be consumed more and the phone's storage will increase, so Google Drive can be used as an alternative to all these.

Google Drive comes pre-installed on your Android phone and is less risky in terms of security. It is also very easy to save the scanned document to the drive. Follow the below procedure to use Google Drive as a scanner.

First, open Google Drive on your mobile.

Then tap on the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the home page.

Now select the scan option.

If you are asked for camera permission, enable it from there.

In this way, you can easily scan existing or new photos.

2. To share files via Google Drive

Google Drive is the best option to share any documents, files and photos you have. You can share any file you want with this. Follow the below procedure to share files through Google Drive.

First, open Google Drive.

Then tap on the plus (+) icon on the home page.

Then tap on Upload and select the file you want to send.

Then the file will start uploading. After the file is uploaded, tap on the three dots behind the file.

Then go to Manage Access.

Now tap on Restricted option below General Access.

Then tap on Restricted again.

Then tap on the Anyone With link below. After some time, the settings will be updated.

After doing this, tap on the link icon on the top right and copy it.

You can then send the link to whoever you want to send it to.