How to monitor and control data consumption on the phone?

How to monitor and control data consumption on the phone?

The number of users using mobile data on smartphones is increasing rapidly.

Mobile service providers have been providing various types of data packages, which have made it easy for internet users to purchase and use data packages according to their needs and capabilities.

Mobile service providers provide various data packages along with various unlimited data plans in which the price has to be paid based on the data consumption for a certain period of time. If you can monitor and control the usage of the purchased data while running the internet in such a data package, then the consumption of data can be made economical.

How to monitor and control the data consumption of your Android phone? For this do the following:

How to limit data consumption on Android phones?

· Go to Settings and search for Network/SIM/Internet. You can also go to Settings and type Data or Data Saver to go directly to the sub-menu.

Click on the Settings icon next to the name of the Internet service provider in the Internet option.

· Scroll down and select Data warning & limit.

· There: Click on Mobile data usage cycle, and from that you can set the time of your mobile data usage cycle.

· Also press on Set data limit to set the limit of data consumption.

How to use data saver mode on the phone?

If you put your phone in data saver mode, apps on your Android phone will stop receiving or sending data in the background.

You can also choose which apps to block and which apps to allow to consume background data without restrictions. For this:

Go to Settings and search for Network/SIM/Internet.

· Search for Data Saver and tap on its icon

How to activate Auto update on Wifi only?

As soon as the internet is connected to the mobile phone, the apps in it start updating themselves. You can change the settings and prevent apps from updating only when your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi internet. For this:

· Open the Google Play app and click on the profile picture on the top right.

· Click on Settings from the menu and select Network preferences.

· There will be options like App download preference, Auto-update apps, Auto-play videos, and activate Over Wi-“i only in all those options.

Replacing apps that consume more data

Some apps consume a lot of data to load. But on the positive side, there are also light versions of some of the apps available, such as Facebook Lite and Instagram Lite. These apps do not need fast internet to load. These versions do not have all the features as in the original app, but the basic features are available. Therefore, you can also use the light version of the apps according to your needs to make your mobile data consumption economical.