ChatGPT is being misused in these 6 jobs

ChatGPT is being misused in these 6 jobs

ChatGPT has started causing problems. Less than two months after its release, this tool of OpenAI has started to be misused. This tool, which has the ability to answer various questions in a human style, has caused problems.

We have discussed here six ways in which ChatGPT can be misused.

1. To create malware

Lately, ChatGPT has started to be used to spread malware on the Internet.

In fact, malware is nothing new. However, ChatGPT has been used in this work. The risk of negative impact is high.

According to Infosecurity Magazine, ChatGPT is now playing a major role in spreading malware. After being able to prepare the necessary code for malware in ChatGPT, many people have started using it.

2. To steal cheats at school

ChatGPT has also been used by students to steal cheats. Some schools in America have banned ChatGPT in the school premises after students started using ChatGPT excessively in the examination.

3) Spam on dating apps

ChatGPT dating app is also used to spread spam. ChatGPT is being used to talk to people with matches on apps like Tinder.

Experts say that taking the help of AI to express your feelings is a scary situation.

4) Taking away the writer's employment

ChatGPT can write attractive articles depending on the instructions. Due to this feature, many writers of the world have been killed. A Twitter user named Jason Colavito complained, "One of my clients told me that I will no longer pay a fee if I write content on his website.

Because he wrote articles from free chatgpt. But, he told me to rewrite the article and give him a huge fee."

Apart from that, experts estimate that ChatGPT has also taken away the job of copywriters. Although there are no definite statistics, ChatGPT has started to be used more in such work.

5) Phishing and Scamming

It is difficult to confirm how ChatGPT has been used in phishing and scamming. However, AI tools like ChatGPT are considered very suitable for phishing.

Phishing messages sent by scammers often do not match the sentences and language. ChatGPT is increasingly used in phishing because it can prepare responses like an official person.

6) Enable employers to find suitable workers

People struggle a lot to apply for a job. When applying for a job, the application is considered as the most important attraction. However, since then, the use of ChatGPT has started to increase. In a research conducted by a company, it was revealed that 80 percent of people wrote letters written by ChatGPT more attractive.

Due to this, employers are analyzed to find the right person.

$42 per month for the professional version of ChatGPT

At this time, ChatGPT is garnering a lot of buzz on the internet. It is estimated that this tool based on AI can challenge the Google search engine itself. This tool prepared by OpenAI was initially available for free, but the company said that it will bring a pro version, i.e. a version that can be used with additional features for money.

Accordingly, it has been found that the company has provided a professional plan for 42 dollars per month i.e. 5 thousand 464 rupees. On Saturday, some users shared a screenshot saying that an upgraded version with a new plan is available on the web interface of ChatGP.

This version, which is only available to some users, has two plans, free and professional. In which, it is said that the user to take the professional plan will have features such as fast response, which can be used even during high demand and access to new features.

Currently, there is a problem that ChatGP is not available if many users use it at the same time in the free version. However, it is mentioned that in professional mode, this problem does not exist. However, Open AI itself has not given any information about the professional model.

Google preparing to launch its own AI-based chatbot like ChatGPT

With the popularity of ChatGPT prepared by OpenAI, Google has also indicated that it will release its own AI-based chatbot. Google has also accepted that ChatGPT can become a challenge for its search engine. Accordingly, the company is accelerating the work of further improving its search engine.

As reported in the international media, the company's CEO Sundar Pichai has announced "Code Red" and accelerated AI development. Google is planning to release at least 20 AI-based products and a chatbot for its search engine this year.

It is estimated that some products will be released this coming May. Among the AI projects Google is working on are an image generating tool, an upgraded version of the AI test chain, a TikTok-style green screen mode for YouTube, among others.

Also in the pipeline are shopping try-ons, a wallpaper generator for Pixel phones, and other AI-based tools. Among these, it is expected that the search chatbot will be released first. It is said that it will provide correct and necessary information to the user and prevent wrong information.

Do you work in SEO or digital marketing? How to use chatgpt

The use of Chat GPT (Generative Pre-Trend Transformer) based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is increasing day by day. Many have preferred ChatGPT's style of answering any question or query like an expert.

ChatGPT eliminates curiosity in conversation style through artificial intelligence (AI) and billions of data provided on the internet. The use of Chat GPT has increased to match sentences, to find weaknesses in programming languages, to write essays or for various other purposes.

It has been analyzed that this feature of ChatGPT can replace Google's search engine feature itself.

What can be done through ChatGPT?

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence for SEO i.e. search engine optimization and marketing has increased.

ChatGPT can also write essays, fiction, poetry and advertisements as per our requirements. Due to its features, professional writers are also experiencing their future in danger.

The New York City Department of Education has banned ChatGPT because it provides accurate and varied answers for test takers.

ChatGPT can be used as a search engine, for checking programming code and most importantly for SEO and marketing.

  How can those working in SEO use ChatGPT?

1. Create content

There are many ways to make money blogging. If the articles you write are easily found when searching the Internet, you can ask ChatGPT to write the content. For this one should have a lot of knowledge about SEO.

If you have set up SEO well on your website, ask ChatGPT to write content about the most recently searched topics. And if you keep such content, good traffic will go to your site.

2. Search and analyze keywords

You can take the help of ChatGPT to find keywords related to any topic. For example, if you ask what are the suitable keywords for banking software, ChatGPT will suggest reliable keywords.

Content can be prepared based on that keyword. Many people are interested in such content.

3. To create a content strategy

ChatGPT can also be used to prepare content and edit it as needed. ChatGPT suggests what content is needed for your business and what can be improved.

For example, ChatGPT is useful for new content ideas, headlines, conclusions, etc. This platform provides information on what kind of content can be developed from the various responses given by customers on the Internet, various details placed on social networks and the billions of data provided to ChatGPT.

Apart from that, ChatGPeet suggests content based on who your target audience is and what kind of content they like.

4. Learn more about Search

A person who searches for any information he needs on the Internet cannot find the information he is looking for in all cases. If you ask ChatGPT a question about how to find something when searching, it will provide a point-by-point answer.

For example, if you search how to get customs department data from the website, ChatGPT gives you point-by-point tips. Apart from that, if you ask what you want to know more about the search, this platform provides information in a reliable way.

5. Create appropriate SEO titles

If you need to create a suitable title for any content, you can take the help of this platform. The title you keep also plays an important role in bringing visitors to the site.

Chat GPT will suggest the title you need for your content. In this way, you can choose an SEO-friendly title for your content.

Apart from these tasks, Chat GPT is useful for many purposes. For example, you went to an event. Write down everything that happened or what the person said. And ask Chat GPT to send the article and prepare a press release.

What is the most important thing in the information provided by you, what was the most discussed topic, what kind of information should be given to the audience, by evaluating these topics, Chat GPT helps to prepare the press release by giving an appropriate title.

The topic that has been searched for the most recently on the Internet, and what is the appropriate content or title for that topic, can be found from Chat GPT.

However, the thing to be taken care of here is that SEO should work well on your site. That means, the topic you put on the site should easily appear in the top position when someone searches through a search engine or browser.