Fears that Google will be displaced by the growing popularity of Chat GPT

Fears that Google will be displaced by the growing popularity of Chat GPT

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tool Chat GPT, which was released last November 30, has now received a lot of discussion. There have been many debates about this recently. Google search, which is considered to be its closest rival, is also afraid of this tool.

According to a report published in the New York Times on Wednesday, Google management is worried about this issue. Along with that, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google's parent company Alphabet, is now constantly participating in various meetings related to Google AI. Pitchai is focused on creating a new strategy related to AI.

If you want to get an answer to any complex question, you have to visit many sites on Google. In that too, one should know how reliable the site is. However, the process is different in Chat GPT. If you need to find an answer to any question, Chat GPT gives you an expert-like answer. That's why Chat GPT is now the choice of millions of users.

In particular, teams from Google's Research, Reliability and Security Division, among other departments, have been instructed to assist in the development and launch of AI prototypes and products. According to the New York Times, some employees have been tasked with building AI products. Who creates art and graphics. In other words, Google is working to create a tool like Dal-e of Open AI.

Google has not yet expressed any official opinion on this matter. It has not yet been revealed what strategy ChatGPT, operated by Sam Altman, the former chairman of YCombinet, will adopt for income. Experts say that if it is free to operate like this, it will definitely affect Google's income. Alphabet now earns 81 percent of its total revenue, or $208 billion, from Google Search.

This platform managed to create more than 10 million users within five days of its launch, and answered people's questions in a way that satisfied them. Except for some questions, it answers most of the questions correctly.

This platform has become the choice of many people after informing people about coding, giving suggestions, writing necessary articles, making bio or CV and giving advice like an expert doctor.

Since this platform is new, it has some limitations. There are some limitations in Chat GPT especially when it comes to giving any language, prediction, opinion. However, the good features of this platform overcome these limitations. No matter how weak it is, Open AI is about to bring about a revolutionary change in AI.

The emergence of 'Chat GPT' in the Internet world, will it really replace Google?

What would you do if you had to understand something? If you have access to the Internet, you will immediately start browsing. Most of them include Google search engine. It is difficult to get accurate information about the subject you need on Google. Or, let's say we have to search further to get the details you are looking for.

Chat GPT, which was released on November 30, is currently the most talked about thing on the internet. Open AI is an organization established in 2015 to develop artificial intelligences (AI). It was founded by Elon Musk, Ilya Suttever, George Brockman and computer engineer Sam Altman, who are working in a giant company in the technology sector.

OpenAI has been conducting research in various fields including machine learning, robotics, economics and computer science. Earlier, the company had developed an AI tool called Dolly, through which we can prepare photos by giving instructions as per the need.

Chat GPT, which is currently public, is such an AI tool, which we can ask questions according to our needs. According to Open AI, about one million users have been added within a week of the tool's release.

What is Chat GPT? How does it work?

Chat GPT is currently in the news for various reasons. Chat GPT will give you the same answer as easily as when you ask a question to an expert person. Chat GPT prepares answers according to the questions and queries we have and sends them to us. Since the original content is sent every time, the information obtained from it can be used for various purposes.

Some people have made this AI tool a means of entertainment.

(Generative Pre-Training Transformer) has developed many impressive techniques and tools, including language models and Dota 2-playing. AI Bot, OpenAI Five. OpenAI is committed to promoting the responsible development and use of AI, and has established a number of initiatives and partnerships to advance this goal.

According to the international media The Wall Street, chat bot is one such artificial intelligence chat bot that is available for free, which gives satisfactory answers to all our questions or inquiries. If you ask to write a love song for yourself or anything else, this tool will prepare the song according to the query you provide.

You can ask any questions that come to your mind. If we human beings are allowed to write something about two unrelated subjects, we get lost in thought. Or we can leave it as irrelevant. However, we cannot even imagine how this tool can connect two unrelated subjects. Every time we give an original reply, we feel that we are talking to some people.

However, this tool also has some weaknesses. Chat GPT does not predict any topic. For example, if we ask about the future of us or where we live, this tool informs us that we are unable to answer. Some people are asking very general questions like who am I or where do I live. In such cases, he gives a satisfactory answer like 'Only you know who you are'.

Recently, this chatbot is being used by ordinary students to big engineers or doctors to solve their problems.

How does Chat GPT prepare such answers?

AI like Chat GPT is trained by providing billions of data collected by the company from various sources. In particular, data related to various subjects is provided from the Internet and other various sources. Most things on the internet don't matter with this chatbot.

In particular, this chatbot has been trained from a platform like Wikipedia, a repository of various information. If necessary, he extracts information from various sources and answers the questions we ask or ask.

What made Chat GPT so popular?

Not only Chat GPT but also other tools that use AI are preferred by people. We are using platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Insta that use AI tools on a daily basis. Chat GPT has also become the choice of many as it provides answers to questions and solutions to problems as per our needs.

Previously, various tools prepared by Open AI have become famous. First of all, Dally is a tool, through which we can prepare the photos we need. To level it up, the company released Dolly Two.

This tool is also used for creating photos. This site has become popular after using artificial intelligence to create photos according to your needs. ChatGPT, which was launched only last week, has not been able to handle the traffic.

Taking this as a subscription, the company aims to earn one billion dollars annually in 2024. Although the company has not yet revealed anything about its financial strategy, it has been revealed that it is aiming to earn $200 million by 2023 and $1 billion in 2024.

This platform, seen as a potential big competitor of Google, is attracting big investors.

This is how 'ChatGPT' is being used for hacking.

In the last few months, the AI tool 'ChatGPT' has been very popular in the world of technology. Be it to answer any question or to prepare reports and software code, it is becoming very effective.

At this time, hackers are using chatgpt to spread fraudulent activities.

According to a study by the cyber security research company 'Checkpoint', it has been found that cyber criminals are using ChatGPT to create malicious tools.

It has been found that cybercriminals are doing fraud by creating infostealer (data stealing tool), encryption tool and so on.

According to the study, an anonymous user had presented a report titled 'ChatGPT-Benefits of Malware' in a hacking forum some time ago. In that report, he claimed that even cybercriminals with general technical knowledge can create tools using ChatGPT.

His claim has finally been proven. During the investigation, it was seen that cybercriminals are using ChatGPT to create multi-layer encryption tools.

Earlier, on December 21, 2022, a cybercriminal had released a Python script. He had prepared the script to spread the malicious leak through the US Department of Defense website.

He also said that he had prepared the script for the first time. He said that he took the help of ChatGPT for that.

Apart from this, it is said that ChatGPeet will also provide information on how to create a dark web marketplace. Along with illegal transactions, stolen goods and drugs are also sold through dark web marketplaces. In this case, it has been mentioned in the study that ChatGPT is also encouraging this.