China's entry into the chatbot arena, Arnie's clash with Google and Chat GPT | Microsoft unveils new Bing search engine with Chat GPT

China's entry into the chatbot arena, Arnie's clash with Google and Chat GPT

The war of technology has been waged in various fields. Some are making semiconductors and some are making new generation fighter jets. Anyone who wants to advance in this field. Artificial intelligence chatbots have become the new battlefield for companies.

An example of this is ChatGPT which is increasing its popularity and presence worldwide. Microsoft, Google and other companies have entered the field in the battle of chatbots and China does not want to be left behind in this field.

China brought AI chatbot

China's giant technology company Alibaba has announced its chatbot. Alibaba has announced the launch of its chatbot tool styled like Chat GPT.

Not only Alibaba, but also Baidu, a social media company known as China's Google, is also working on its own chatbot. The name of the chatbot introduced by Baidu will be Ernie Bot.

Alibaba has not given much information about its chatbot. According to the spokesperson of the company, the company has been focusing on Large Language Model and Generated AI since 2017.

The right move by Microsoft

Microsoft has tried hard to cash in on the growing trend of people towards chatbots. Keeping in mind the connoisseurs of ChatGPT, Microsoft took a strategic step and launched the search engine Bing in a new avatar. Although people have not yet been able to interact with Chat GPT on Bing, it has definitely created a threat to Google.

On the other hand, Google also does not want to let this opportunity go to waste. So he launched his own artificial intelligence chatbot Bard. However, Bard's arrival has been a rocky start for Google.

Due to the wrong answer given by this chatbot, when the share price of Google's parent company collapsed, the company suffered a loss of 1 billion dollars.

Microsoft unveils new Bing search engine with Chat GPT

In order to break the dominance of Google in the field of internet search engine, Microsoft company has released its Bing search engine in a new form.

Microsoft has integrated chatbot ChatGPT with artificial intelligence technology into its Bing search engine. ChatGPT, an open artificial intelligence chatbot released last year, is becoming very popular.

Microsoft has started the demo version of Bing search engine. Along with the new feature, various predefined terms are available in the search bar. Bing search engine has been launched with limited search facility for everyone for now.

The new version of the Bing search engine is seen as the biggest challenge to Google's dominance and is seen as an artificial intelligence race between the two companies.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that the race starts today.

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed with the help of Microsoft, uses deep learning technology to provide human-like responses to search requests.

According to CEO Satya Nadella, the new technology added to the Bing search engine will change the nature of online search and the relationship with other software.

He says - this technology will restructure all software as we know it.

Now, when searching for any topic in Bing search engine, you will get detailed answers, not just links to websites. You can also chat to organize the search. More contemporary answers are also added to the right side of the search page.

The day after Google announced the details of its new chatbot called Bard, Microsoft added Chat GPT to the Bing version.

According to analysts, the Bing search engine with the new chatbot will significantly increase Microsoft's competitive ability. It is considered as the first step in the race of artificial intelligence among big technology companies.

Remember that Microsoft, which is the initial investor and supporter of Chat GPT, has already invested billions of dollars in the field of artificial intelligence and has signed a multi-year agreement to invest billions of dollars in Chat GPT in the future.

The latest Open Artificial Intelligence technology has been used in Bing search engine than chat GPT which was released last year. It is also used in Microsoft's web browser Edge.

Analysts say that chat GPT is being misused and students are using it to pass the exam, and there is a danger that it may affect various professions including journalism.

Also, it has been criticized for confidently giving wrong answers to some questions.