These features of Google Assistant, which will make your daily life easier | Google lost $1 billion when chatbots gave wrong answers

These features of Google Assistant, which will make your daily life easier

Google Assistant is a very handy artificial intelligence for Android users.

If you know how to use this service of Google well, it will make the various daily tasks of the user very easy and simple.

From displaying news to reminding you to do shopping, Google Assistant helps you.

And, for this you don't have to go through a lot of trouble and just saying Hey, Google is enough.

You can also personalize the sound signal. So if you don't know what Google Assistant can do for you, you are missing out.

These are some of the features of Nyanvi Bakkashkatbalat which are very useful in daily life and make our daily life easier:

Showing daily news

With the help of Google Assistant, you can be informed about what is happening in your world. You don't even have to read the news for this. You Google Assistant will help you get used to the good morning schedule.

When you ask this virtual assistant what the world news is, it automatically summarizes the latest world news. This feature works even if an application routine is not safe. You open the Google Assistant app and say Listen to news or set a start time. After doing this, the audio with the latest world news will start playing.


Google Assistant has GPS technology and it tells you the best way to reach your destination. For this, go to the app and activate the voice command and ask. Google Assistant will tell you the route to the destination with less traffic jams or obstacles. For this you need to go to Google Assistant settings and set the destination address.

Set an alarm

The alarm setting feature in Google Assistant also helps you organize your daily schedule. For example, you can set an alarm to indicate your bedtime by saying the word Sleeptime.

In addition, Google Assistant also plays various pleasant sounds for you to sleep well. Google Assistant also reminds you if you need to recharge your battery for tomorrow before going to sleep. Alarms can be set on Google Assistant for all these things.

Set a reminder

Another very useful feature of Google Assistant is the ability to manage speaker reminders. You can set a reminder on Google Assistant to remind you about certain activities on a certain day and time.

For example, you can set a reminder on Google Assistant to remind you to call your mother at 10 am on a Sunday, to remind you to go to the store to buy goods at 1 pm on Saturday, etc. Google Assistant will remind you by voice at the time you set.

Google lost $1 billion when chatbots gave wrong answers

The share price of Google has fallen drastically when Bard, the chatbot released by Google, gave wrong answers.

When the share price of Google's Mau company Alphabet fell by 8 percent, the value of the company decreased by 1 billion dollars.

Claiming that Bard will answer any complicated question, Bard gave a wrong answer in an event organized for publicity. Bard Chat is an artificial intelligence like GPT.

Bard gave the wrong answer while answering a circular question about what was discovered by the James Webb telescope.

Bard expressed the intention that the James Webb telescope was the first time that a picture of the Earth outside the solar system was taken. Jules was wrong. Since the Very Large Telescope VLT took the first picture of the Earth outside the solar system.

After Reuters published the news that Bard had given a wrong answer in a program being broadcast live on YouTube in Paris, Alphabet's share price began to fall.

After Microsoft included Chat GPT in its search engine Bing, Google started promoting its artificial intelligence Bard.