How to close Everyone tag (@everyone) on Facebook?

How to close Everyone tag (@everyone) on Facebook?

We feel happy when someone we know mentions us on Facebook. There is a tendency to mention any offers, interesting things, memes, relevant events or appeals for help in Facebook posts.

However, recently, Facebook released the 'Everyone tag' (@everyone) for Facebook groups. When this happens, admins of some groups mention everyone in unnecessary posts.

In this way, you may be tired of having to be mentioned in unnecessary posts. Today we are giving information on how to turn off the feature where you will be mentioned when the admin puts the Everyone tag in the Facebook group.

How to close Everyone (@everyone) tag on Facebook?

Some of us may be fed up with such tags and have left the group itself. Here is information on how to turn off the notification of the Everyone tag without leaving the group.

- First open Facebook.

- Then tap on the profile icon with three lines on the top right.

- Then, tap on the settings option below the profile icon.

- After doing this, go to the notification option in the preferences section.

- And select the tag option.

- And select the Friends option at the top.


- If you do this, the 'Receive Notification for' section will open at the bottom.

- And, turn off the Opsname of Batch Everyone (Batch @everyone mention).

- Even if you are an admin, moderator or expert of a group, you will be mentioned. In this case, you can turn off the (@admin, @moderator or @experts mention in group) option at the bottom.

- This is how you can turn off the Everyone tag that keeps coming to Facebook.

Why turn off the Everyone tag feature on Facebook?

Everyone tag is a popular feature for Facebook groups. With the help of which the group admin uses to alert the members about important information. Similarly, when important topics are discussed in the Facebook group, the admin can use this feature once a week.

However, some group admins may be misusing this feature. They are using the Everyone tag for their personal interests and unnecessary notifications on the member's account. Therefore, it is appropriate to close the Everyone tag on Facebook.