Elon Musk, who is opposed to AI, finally opened his own AI company 'XAI'

Elon Musk, who is opposed to AI, finally opened his own AI company 'XAI'

Tesla owner Elon Musk has announced his new artificial intelligence (AI) company. Recently, with the increasing discussion of AI, the 'XAI' startup, which is supposed to be launched by Musk, was made public on Wednesday.

According to the BBC, Musk's new company XAI has engineers who have worked at OpenAI and Google. Earlier, Musk had suspended his project saying that AI development work should be stopped, an impartial body should be established and AI work should be regulated.

Now Musk says that XAI has been introduced with the aim of explaining the reality of every basic issue. What this artificial intelligence company focuses on, how much has been invested, and what are its main objectives have not come out clearly.

In a tweet from XAI's Twitter handle, it is mentioned that the company's main goal is to explain the nature of the universe. It is said that the company will announce more details of its future plans and goals in a virtual meeting (Twitter spaces) on Friday through Twitter.

Elon Musk was also the co-founder of OpenAI, the maker of the recently viral AI tool ChatGPT. The tool is repeatedly coming into controversy for various reasons. In the beginning, ChatGPT was dragged into controversy for helping students to cheat.

Musk was also criticizing ChatGPT. In particular, Musk was dissatisfied with the fact that the company was controlled by Microsoft. Musk expressed regret saying that the company, which was established for non-profit and human welfare, was focused on profit together with Microsoft.

"Anything that's not-for-profit and open-source is going to be for-profit and closed-source," Musk said in a CNBC interview, referring to open AI. Musk also collected about 33 thousand signatures saying that the work of AI development should be stopped.

Similarly, in an interview with the BBC, Musk said that he is concerned about AI security. "I think there needs to be an AI regulator to protect the public from any threat from AI," Musk told the BBC last April.

Similarly, Musk was concerned about the data used to train AI chatbots. Musk also accused the software of stealing data (data scraping) from various platforms to understand how people interact. So much so that he alleged that the AI chatbot had stolen the publicly available data on Twitter.