Where did you go during your trip? Save as Google Maps location to find out

 Where did you go during your trip? Save as Google Maps location to find out

Google Maps has provided various features to enhance the user experience. One of those features is 'Save Location'. This feature can be useful for you to remember places you visit frequently and new places you visited for the first time.

This feature is considered suitable not only to remember the new place you have traveled to, but also to keep detailed information about where you traveled from and how you traveled.

Today we are discussing how to use location save feature in Google Maps:​​

Save any place on Google Maps on mobile

First, open the Maps app on your mobile and search for the place you want to save. (If the search location is not visible, tap the location you want to save on Maps)

And options like 'Direction', 'Start', 'Call', and 'Save' appear below. Tap on the 'Save' option out of it.

After doing this, choose the option of how you want to save the place or create a new list and save it. When creating a new list, detailed information about that place can be kept.

And, tap on the 'Done' option at the top right.

Save location on desktop as

First of all, select the place you want to save on the maps, the coordinates or your location.

And tap on the button that says 'Save'.

There is an option of how you want to save in the list. And in the option you want or if there is no option you are looking for, click on 'New List' at the end and set the name and save.

How to find the saved place?

To find the saved location, first open the Maps app.

Tap the profile icon at the top right.

And, 'Saved' (Saved) option appears. If you tap on it, you will see all the places you have saved in Google Maps.

Other ways to save location

Any location you choose on Maps can be 'saved' for later reference. If you are looking for an easier way, just 'label' the place. Especially, you can 'label' your home, office or other place.

As mentioned above, going to the 'Saved' option will also show the labeled locations. The advantage of this is that when you open Maps, the labeled area is visible on your device. Similarly, by saving the maps offline or by sharing the location, you can also save the place of the maps.