Know these things before selling an old phone

Know these things before selling an old phone

Often users only take out their SIM and memory card before selling their old phone. But they are forgetting to logout of their important ID.

Which poses a threat to their confidential data. If you are also thinking of selling your old mobile phone, today we are going to tell you some useful things. This will prevent your personal information from being leaked.

Factory reset

Don't forget to do a factory reset before selling your mobile. This will delete all the data on your mobile.

Also, all the IDs from Google to Instagram will be logged out. Go to phone settings to perform a factory reset.

There you will see the backup and reset option. Tap on it. After doing so, the phone will be factory reset.

Don't miss out on backups

Make a backup of your important data before making a mobile sale. Your data will not be deleted or leaked for any reason.

To set up a backup, go to the settings of the most mobile and select the backup option. Your data will then be saved in Google Drive.

Logout Google Account

Don't forget to log out of your Google Account before selling your mobile. This will protect your personal information.

To log out of a Google Account, go to your mobile settings and select the User & Account option.

After going to that you will see the option to remove. Click on it and delete your Google Account from the phone.

And finally

When selling a smartphone, include your phone bill, accessories, and even the box. This will create a good image of your potential customer towards the old mobile. As a result, the chances of getting a good price for an old phone can be greatly increased.