Dangerous 'Joker Virus' reappears on Android, delete these 8 apps now

Dangerous 'Joker Virus' reappears on Android, delete these 8 apps now

Dangerous Joker virus has returned to Google App Store. In 2020, Google removed 40 apps infected with the virus from its Play Store. This time, the virus has re-entered eight apps in the Google Play Store. Google has also deleted those apps from its operating system.

Google has been tracking the Joker virus since 2017. Cybersecurity company Quick Hill Security Lab has identified a new variant of the Joker virus. This virus is hiding inside the app on the mobile. The virus can also download other malware inside the app.

Not only that, it can steal user's data including SMS, contact list, device information, OTP code without the user's permission and information. Recent apps infected with the Joker virus include Axillary Message, Fast Magic SMS, Free Camscanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go Messages, Travel Wallpapers, and Super SMS.

Even though Google has removed these apps from its Play Store, you may still have these apps on your mobile. These apps are very dangerous for the users, if they are on your mobile, it would be wise to delete them immediately.

Despite Google Security, it is still difficult to detect this Joker malware. Joker is a malware trojan that has been targeting Android users. It accesses the user's device through apps.

Google removed 11 apps from the Joker virus in July and 34 from the Play Store in October. The cybersecurity company wrote in its blog, "The spyware is designed to be able to secretly sign up for premium wireless application protocol (WAP) services, including SMS, contact list, and device information from the victim's mobile."

Some of the other apps infected with the virus include Good PDF Scanner, Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message, Unique Keyboard Fancy Fonts, and Free Emoticons, Tangram App Lock, Direct Messenger, Private SMS, One Sentence Translator, Multilencer, Photo Editor Blur Focus, Care Message, Part Message, Paper Duck Scanner, and Blue Scanner, etc.

The list of apps infected with this virus is very long. If you have any of these apps on your mobile, you may be a target of the Joker virus.

‘Joker is a very dangerous virus, which is constantly targeting Android devices. Despite being aware of the virus, it has not stopped making inroads into Google's official app market. By changing the code of the app, from the execution method to the payload retrieving method, it can immerse itself in various apps, 'writes the blog


Will Amazon succeed in breaking Netflix's dominance?

The war between the world's largest video-on-demand companies has reached a climax after Amazon acquired the Hollywood studio MGM for 8.45 billion.

After six months of discussions, Amazon bought MGM on May 26. Lately, MGM has been weakened due to major financial difficulties. As a result, its market value has plummeted.

But Amazon bought ownership of MGM for an aggressive presence in the video-on-demand market, spending резреж 8.45 billion, or more than 1 trillion. Amazon spent more than MGM's market value with an ambitious plan to challenge Netflix.

Amazon's Prime Video service currently has about 200 million users, while rival Netflix has 208 million users. Amazon is taking one step after another to rise to the throne of Netflix. This is believed to take the video-on-demand market to new heights.

MGM has produced more than 4,000 films and more than 17,000 hours of television shows.

Amazon is also investing heavily in its own Amazon studio to create special shows and movies for Prime Video. The acquisition is expected to be highly competitive with Disney and Netflix.

How to use Google Chat?

In the work-from-home trend that started with the Corona epidemic, real-time chats like Slack have made it much easier to chat with friends and officials.

With this in mind, Google has also merged its two corporate apps Chat and Room into the Gmail app against Slack. In Google Chat, you can chat with your friends or in other groups in a formal or informal room.

Before that, two or more people could talk in a group. But now you can have both formal and informal conversations in real-time.

For example, if you need to plan a simple informal conversation with your friends, you can create a Google Room to talk. After the talk, the room is finished.

Google Room can also be used for a long time. Each room has a different name. You can join and leave the room at any time. Room notifications will come and various files can be shared in it.

Another separate room can also be created within the same room. Rooms can be used for both business and personal work. You can keep the room active for as long as you want.

Another feature of Google Chat is that it needs to be activated separately on mobile and browser.

How to activate Google Chat on mobile?

Open Gmail on mobile

Click on the three lines at the top left of the mobile screen, and then go to 'Settings.

Go to 'Settings', select your account and click the 'General' button

Click on "So Chat and Room Tabs"

After completing this process, the Mail, Chat, Room, and Mitt icons can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

How to activate the Google Chat browser?

Open Gmail and click 'Settings' at the top right

Click on 'Si Al Settings'

Click on the "Chat and Meet" option that appears at the beginning from the right side

There will be three options "Chat", "Classic Hangout" and "Off". Click on the 'Chat' option

Click on 'Save Changes'

After this process is complete, the chat, room, and meet icons can be seen on the left side of the browser. Older conversations in Hangouts can also be seen in the new update. In addition, other small changes will also be seen.

How to start a webchat?

After a new update, you can start a new chat by clicking on the plus (+) sign next to the chat or room box.

You can only chat with one person by typing the name of the person you wish to chat with. If you want to chat with more than one person, you can start the conversation by clicking on the 'plus' sign in the chatbox, adding 'Start Group Conversation' to the person you want.

You can also create your own room by clicking on the same menu, join the room that has been created and view message requests.

How to start a chat in the mobile app?

After opening the Gmail app on the mobile and clicking on the chat at the bottom of the screen, an icon called "New Chat" appears on the right. After clicking on New Chat, you can start the chat by typing the name of the person you want, and the Create Room, Browse Room, and Message Request options can also be seen in the Sahi icon.

Click on Create Room to make room calls or chat. Then you can start the room by naming the room and adding the people you want. The invitation link is sent to the mail of the person you have invited, by clicking on which the person can enter the room.

Here's how to safely clean your laptop

Today we are going to give you information about how to clean laptop and desktop computer safely. You can safely clean your computer and laptop without an air compressor or electric cleaner.

For that, take water and rubbing alcohol. You can easily buy rubbing alcohol in the market. Now take a wide variety of microfiber cloth. It can pull all kinds of garbage from computers and laptops without any scratch.

You must follow this method, especially when cleaning the monitor. You can use the same method when cleaning laptops and keyboards.

While cleaning from the pressure of the air, the dirt stays inside the keyboard instead of coming out.

Spray on a microfiber cloth. Squeeze lightly on the back of the hand with a sprayed cloth. Too much moisture in the fabric is bad for electronics devices. Now fold the cloth between your fingers and easily clean the computer, laptop, and keyboard.

Soon that part of the cloth will be dirty. So spray the other part of the cloth in the same way and hit the back of the hand to continue the cleaning work as before. While cleaning the monitor, you can move your hand from top to bottom in the form of the English letter 'S'.

And next important thing, never make the mistake of spraying directly on an electronic device. Sprayed cloth helps to clean your keyboard quickly.