Make your smartphone waterproof like this in the rainy season

 Make your smartphone waterproof like this in the rainy season

The rainy season is in full swing. In this case, the most important thing when going out of the house is to take care of the phone, because your phone is not waterproof.

Otherwise, your phone may be damaged due to water. However, you can make the phone waterproof with some tips and materials.

1. Waterproof case

In some cases, water can seep into the phone while trying to keep it safe. In this case, the user needs to have a smart cover, which makes the phone waterproof. The cover we are talking about here can keep the phone completely safe during the rainy season. Such warproof cases can be found in both hard and soft forms.

The special feature of such covers is that they feel comfortable even when using the phone. It can be used on smartphones as well as feature phones. You can even put your phone on these covers to get wet in the rain and go to the swimming pool. Such cases are designed to prevent water from entering any part of the phone.

The cost of these cases ranges from four hundred rupees to two thousand rupees. Smartphones can be used easily in these cases. It has access to all kinds of buttons, controls, and even phone ports. In addition to being waterproof, such cases also protect the phone from injury and dust sticking.

However, this waterproof cover can only be used during the rainy season. Other times you have to take the phone out of it and use it. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. If the cover is made of hard material, it can make the phone heavier. Also, when the size is large, it will not be easy to keep in the pocket. It also makes the sound of the call less audible.

2. Nano coating (water resistance)

Nano coating is a type of hydrophobic fluid that prevents water from sticking to the surface of the phone. It is used in waterproof electrical materials, to prevent water from entering the device.

This does not make the phone completely waterproof. But it can protect against light rain and water droplets. The nano-coating can be easily removed from the phone by rubbing it lightly.

Its price ranges from 800 to one thousand rupees. The use of nano coating does not cause any damage to the phone. The phone can work as usual even when it is mounted on the phone screen.

Don't make the mistake of dipping the phone in water with a nano-coating. It also does not protect the phone from injury. Also, its use on the screen reduces the brightness.

However, it can protect the phone from water droplets and dust. Good quality coating lasts up to 6 months.

3. Waterproof phone skin

This is a cheap way to make the phone waterproof. Waterproof phone skin is a thin adhesive film, which can be applied directly to the phone. After skinning the phone on the mobile, it has to be covered from the back. However, this is not a permanent solution and can only be used for a few days. Its price ranges from three hundred to three thousand rupees.

It is cheap and can be used on any phone. But when charging the phone, the skin should be removed. The sound quality of the phone may not sound so good. Another downside is that it can only be used for a limited time.

But it protects the phone from fluid damage daily. Also, dust and dirt do not stick to the phone.

If the name of the WiFi network in the iPhone is abnormal, the phone itself is in danger of 'crashing'

Giving an unusual name to the iPhone's WiFi network has revealed that it can break the WiFi connection itself. According to Whipping Computer and Apple Insider, security researcher Carl Shaw has discovered a bug in the iPhone.

He said that there was a problem with the WiFi connection when he put the name of WiFi in his phone in an unusual way. He named his phone's WiFi hotspot "% p% s% s% s% s% n". He found the problem with the iPhone XS.

He discovered the bug when he tried to use the WiFi on other Apple devices as well. But this does not mean that the problem cannot be solved.

If such a problem occurs in the WiFi network, the problem can be solved by resetting the settings. For that, the problem can be solved by going to WiFi settings and clicking on reset in general options. Although the problem may seem normal, it can cause other problems, according to the whipping computer.

As his video went viral, many experts said that the name Apple WiFi may have been mistaken for a percentage. He said the iPhone was not just a Wi-Fi name but a command signal, suggesting that the Wi-Fi system might have crashed or the phone might have crashed.

According to the whipping computer, this problem may have been caused by iOS not being able to correctly identify the "%" sign.

According to Engadget, the problem is not a new one, but Apple has seen similar problems in the past. Taking advantage of this weakness, some people can break someone's iPhone's WiFi settings in the name of a public hotspot.

Therefore, it is safer not to connect your phone to public WiFi networks or not to connect your phone to an unusually named WiFi.

Windows 11 will be announced tomorrow

Microsoft's new operating system Windows 11 is going to be announced tomorrow. From the virtual conference, the company is preparing to announce the 'next generation of Windows for PC users.

The Windage event will start at 8:45 pm Nepali time, which we can watch on Microsoft's official YouTube channel. The event will be hosted by CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Product Officer Panos Panay.

Although Microsoft has not officially announced the new OS, it is preparing for Windows 11. According to the leaked information, the company will announce the release date for the new operating system tomorrow.

The company is working to make this version public in the market from next October.

There have been talking of a lot of changes in the new version of the Windows user interface. There will be other modern features as well. Microsoft has moved this project under the codename 'Sun Valley'.

According to a recently leaked new feature, Windows 11 features an improved start menu and taskbar, new animations, icons, sound, and sophisticated app design.

A few days ago, Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, mentioned that the next-generation operating system will come with important updates of the last decade.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that it will close Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. Ten years after the operating system went public, the company has set a date for shutting down Spartan for Windows 10 Ham and Prague.

Why do so many numbers appear on the television screen during the Euro Cup?

Currently, the Euro Cup and Copa America football competitions, which are considered as mini-World Cups, are underway. At this time, the number of television viewers has increased a lot. While watching television, you may have noticed the different types of numbers that appear in between.

Do you know why numbers are shown on the television screen from time to time? In fact, this number is kept to make it easier to track.

Of course, we have been watching television for a long time before the Internet. But when the Internet came along, people started stealing piracy. Users usually pay for all the channels and programs shown on television.

That money is reaching the producers of film, serial, or sports content through television channels i.e. broadcasters through cable service providers. This means that television content is linked to its value.

But that is not the case on the Internet. The cost of Internet content is not included in the fees you pay for Internet services. If you have to pay for the content, we will have to pay a separate fee to such service providers.

OTTs like Netflix and Amazon Prime can be considered as examples. But if you use the media we use like Facebook, YouTube, we don't have to pay the company.

Thus, the trend of piracy of television content on the Internet increased. Many people are trying to earn money by broadcasting television content on their websites. Which is a matter of loss to those who produce and sell television content.

Thus, to prevent piracy on the Internet, the number began to appear on the screen of the television channel from time to time. In this case, when someone streams television content live on the Internet, it is not known when such a number will appear.

Television broadcasters or content producers can quickly find out which users have installed which company's cable or dish and from where they are piracy based on the same number.

Thus, those involved in piracy could be arrested and brought to book. This has reduced piracy during live streaming and increased the practice of viewing such content only legally.

Are you in queue This is how to avoid digital fraud?

 Lately, the number of people cheating by abusing technology has increased. There is a growing trend of blackmailing users through various means, from collecting secret data to gaining access to bank accounts.

Similarly, the incidents of collecting personal information by contacting from telephone numbers on various pretexts have also increased. Such phenomena have been fueled by increasing interest in technology.

Nepalis living in Qatar have also escaped such problems while online fraud is taking place in different countries of the world. Recently, the Nepali embassy in Qatar has been receiving complaints about such scams.

Recently, the embassy has warned every user to be safe from such possible incidents.

The embassy also said that it has received information from the concerned bank that no action can be taken if the person himself withdraws money from the account by giving information such as the PIN code of the ATM card or OTP number obtained from the bank.

The embassy has requested the Qatari police, government ministry, and other government agencies and banks in Qatar not to ask for personal details including ATM card, PIN code, or OTP code by telephone to avoid fraud.

If such a body needs information, it is requested to provide it in person at the concerned body or office.

In addition, the embassy urges you not to do the following:

Do not give information about your bank's ATM card, PIN code, etc. to any person.

If someone calls and asks for a bank account, ATM card, or other related information in the name of various bodies in Qatar, the information will not be provided.

If such telephone is received, call the Ministry of Home Affairs of Qatar on 234 7444 or 66815757 and inform the concerned bank.

Problems on Android, the phone itself started crashing

Android phone users are starting to experience the problem of the phone crashing itself. The problem of phones crashing without any reason has been seen in different ranges of phones. As soon as the phone starts crashing, users are reporting to Google.

This problem is especially seen in the apps available on mobile when buying an Android phone. According to the information received, this problem has been seen in Samsung as well as Google's own Pixel phone. In which the user is asked to close the app saying 'Google Keeps Stopping'.

As soon as such problems are seen on the smartphone, Google has asked for a soft reboot of the phone, which will be done after the user clicks the power button for 30 seconds.

It is said that this has solved the problem of some users, while others are still facing problems. Another option is to connect to the Google App Beta, from where you can immediately download the new version.

Earlier in March, Android had a similar problem. At that time, there was a problem of crashing as soon as the phone started.

Bitcoin has been falling since China banned cryptocurrencies.

On Monday, the price of Bitcoin fell the most in two weeks. Bitcoin's value has plummeted as China tightens its grip on bitcoin mining and investors are confused about the future of cryptocurrency.

The price of Bitcoin fell 10.7 percent to 31,333 on Monday as prices fell. The price of Bitcoin has dropped by about 20 percent in the past six days. By April, the value of Bitcoin had reached about  65,000.

Lately, China has been tightening its grip on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin mining projects in China's Sichuan province were banned just last Friday. Last month, China's provincial cabinet banned bitcoin mining, citing financial risks.

On Saturday, China's central bank issued a statement instructing banks, other means of payment, Ali Pay, China Construction Bank, and others not to trade in cryptocurrencies.

"People are still reacting strongly to the uncertainty created by China's activities in the market, which is also hurting the price of Bitcoin," said Rud Flatkamp, ​​chief executive officer of Cryptohapper.

Stating that China is making every effort to reduce competition in its cryptocurrency market, Rudd said, "Investors will probably leave China in the coming days."

Although the exact number of cryptocurrencies is not accurate, according to figures released by the University of Cambridge last year, China's share of Bitcoin was 65 percent worldwide.

In which Sichuan province was mentioned as the second-largest producer. The Bank of China, the third-largest bank in terms of assets, said it was enforcing the People's Bank of China's directive to encourage its customers to use cryptocurrencies.

Ali Pele also issued a statement saying that separate technology has been set up to monitor illegal transactions in cryptocurrency.